Busy weekends with dances, traveling trips and rugby banquet!

(Written in January 2018)

The winter trimester is always the longest!  We have a couple breaks with the holiday so we get a few extra days to travel and spend time with family back at home. I was able to go home for Thanksgiving break and spend time with my family and travel to my grandparents to see my extended family. It was really relaxing and I needed it after having a few exams and practicals right before this break!

The weekend after Thanksgiving was Palmer Prom/Holiday dance and boy was it fun! Most students wear formal dresses and suits, enjoy a few appetizers and dance the night away. My friends and I decided to have some dinner and drinks beforehand at a friend’s apartment which was close to the event’s location at The Blackhawk Hotel. They had a band from Chicago play for the night and they were very good! They played a range of different types of music and it definitely got everyone up and on the dance floor. The next day I had to get some studying done with a few more exams coming up in clinical nutrition and radiology positioning classes. We also had our first practical in the elective class SOT this upcoming week! I was really nervous since it was the first one and since it is a technique class the grading scale is raised. It ended up going perfectly, but I was happy I prepared myself and practiced the set-ups a couple times.

My friends and me before Palmer Prom.

I was so thankful to be able to take a mini-vacation with my family in Chicago the weekend after Palmer Prom. My family has been going to the Christkindlmarket since we were in high school. It is a German festival that has a great variety of vendors for food, drinks, art, crafts and different kind of gifts. I decided to head to Chicago early Saturday morning so I could visit a friend and get some brunch with her before my family arrived! We are old high school friends but with our busy schedules it is really hard to see each other, so it is nice to catch up when we do have that free time. We were able to take a long walk down the river and stop for brunch before we headed back to her place. Eventually I met up with my family downtown at our hotel and we were able to head out to the market right away to adventure around! There were so many vendors and foods but we planned on going out to dinner so we just took a small trip around and decided to grab dinner at restaurant close by since it was getting pretty cold as the sun went down. The next day we spent the morning at the market and we were able to get some German chocolate treats, hot wine, and some delicious hot food. We all had some pretzels, schnitzel, strudels, and bratwursts. We ate so much and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the day! After the market, we took a trip to Macy’s to look at the decorations and their big famous tree, while also making a walk down to their candy shop in the bottom level. Unfortunately, I had to leave late Sunday afternoon to make sure I made it back to Davenport to do a little studying before the next week of classes!

Mom, my sister and me at the Macy’s Christmas tree.

My family at Christkindlmarket in Chicago.

The weekend before break I had another event to attend which I also helped plan and set up! It was our annual men and women’s winter rugby banquet. Most of the time people see us out playing rugby all scuffed up with mud on us but this is the one night where we get to dress up and people usually don’t recognize each other! We had drinks, dinner buffet and we handed out awards to different players on each team! We have each team’s players vote separately for their team’s awards. Some of the awards include: Forward MVP, Rookie of the Year and Back MVP. We also do a couple funny awards like “most likely to be late” or “craziest post game hair.” I was so happy to receive the award “most dependable” from my fellow teammates. It means a lot to me know that they can trust me on and off the field. After the event, a lot of us decided to end the night with some downtown fun and then we headed home for a good night sleep!

Me and my award: Most Dependable.

Palmer Rugby teams.

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