The end of rugby season and beginning of summer

Group of rugby players standing and sitting together on the field at the All Iowa final tournament

Group rugby photo at the All Iowa final tournament

With rugby season coming to an end … we had two final tournaments to finish it up. The first tournament was in Des Moines, and we played three games on Saturday. The weather was in no one’s favor with rain and cold wind! It was hard to continuously play all day when we were wet, cold and dirty. We played as hard as we could and won the first two games but unfortunately lost the third game. We ended up with second place, but we had good games and were really happy to be able to change into clean clothes and get some needed rest when we were done!

This past week I have been trying to decide what to do during our three-week summer break. Since I will take Part 1 of NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners) testing in August, I have some free time to make plans and see friends and family. I decided to work back at home at a salon where I cover shifts at the front desk whenever I’m home or weekends that I come home.

One of my friends and I decided this week that we are going to plan a road trip traveling to the East Coast for a week during my summer break! We plan on going to Tennessee first since we have a friend currently living there, and then we will travel up to North Carolina and visit some breweries, beaches and some family members of my friend’s. This will be a great opportunity to explore the East Coast since I haven’t traveled there before. Another great opportunity I might be able to take advantage of is traveling to Connecticut to visit Dr. Piana, who I met at the Sports Symposium. It would be an amazing chance to explore his practice and to do more research in his specialty of thermography.  My friend and I have a lot of planning to do, but I think a nice, fun break will be needed for me before heading into my fifth trimester (almost half way!).

That's me on the left with my friends at the All Iowa final tournament.

That’s me on the left with my friends at the All Iowa final tournament.

We had one last tournament this weekend up in Iowa Falls and we definitely lucked out with some nice weather! The Palmer’s men team traveled up alongside us since they were playing 15’s and 7’s for the tournament.

The first game went great as we kept scoring tris throughout the whole game and maintaining a strong defense. We played our second game as the temperature picked up, and we also succeeded till the end. This team played a little dirty, but since they are in our league, it wasn’t our first time playing them. Our last game was the determining match that decided the first place winners. We struggled the whole game with maintaining our defense as they scored three tris. As the last few minutes were occurring, we stayed strong and pushed through their team to score three tris to tie the game! Since we dominated the first two games with more points, we came out with first place in the tournament!!

As we finished our game, the men found out they also won first place in their division and again won their 7’s tournament. It was a very successful, fun weekend, and it was the perfect way to end the season, especially for our players for which this was their last game.

Unfortunately I couldn’t head home for Mother’s Day and had to wait till the weekend after. Lucky for me, though, her birthday fell into the next weekend, so it was perfect timing to visit her and my family. I had a few surprises up my sleeve for her! Stay tuned for some surprises and more!



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