Kevin Rindal, D.C.

Palmer graduate cares for Team USA Swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Athletes who compete in the Olympics represent the best in [...]

Terry Schroeder, D.C.

Six-time Olympian says chiropractic is his gold medal. Terry Schroeder, D.C. (San Jose, ’86), scored numerous goals during the course of a [...]

William Moreau, D.C.

Palmer graduate leads U.S. medical team at Olympics William Moreau, D.C., DACBSP, has cared for athletes most of his career. Today he’s th [...]

Dustin Glass, D.C.

Dustin Glass, D.C., CCSP® has been the official chiropractor for USA Volleyball for the past six years. He vividly recalls the exhilaratin [...]

Karen Slota, D.C.

Palmer alumna is first female pro football chiropractor. In 2015, Dr. Slota earned the distinction of becoming the first woman appointed as [...]

Mike Humpal

Former NFL player pursues a second career at chiropractic school. Mike Humpal’s mom took him to see a chiropractor after a high school foo [...]

Naomi Ndungu

Nurse from Kenya pursues a second career as a chiropractor. Naomi Ndungu, R.N., wanted more from her career than her R.N. degree provided, s [...]

Nathan McClain

Former sheriff leaves law enforcement to go to chiropractic school. Nathan McClain went into law enforcement to help people, only to learn t [...]

John Deyo

A Michigan State football player pursues his dream at chiropractic school. John Deyo’s Big Ten football career (at Michigan State and West [...]
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