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Palmer College of Chiropractic Private Practice profile

Mark Williams, D.C.

Dr. Mark Williams is on the cutting edge of integrative health care at Rosen Medical Center, established by Rosen Hotels and Resorts in Orla [...]

Chris LoRang, D.C.

Chris LoRang, D.C., loves his job and sees a great future for chiropractic. Chris LoRang toured chiropractic schools all over the country. H [...]

Erik Roach, D.C.

Palmer Chiropractor Finds Success Through a Multidisciplinary Private Practice Just 10 years after graduating from chiropractic school, Erik [...]

Sherri LaShomb, D.C.

A passion for helping athletes takes Dr. Sherri LaShomb to the 2016 Olympics.  When you meet Sherri LaShomb, D.C., ATC, CCSP®, ICCSP, at [...]

Joe O’Tool, D.C.

Chiropractor tells about private practice and community leadership His Facebook page says “Life is short. Live well, live full.” [...]

John Artis, D.C.

In the office of John Artis, D.C., the power is ON. It’s like walking into a family gathering. There’s music in the background as people [...]

Todd McDougle, D.C.

Todd McDougle, D.C. has made a career out of overcoming big challenges. “I really started Palmer at a disadvantage.  Not only did I have [...]

Michael Miller. D.C.

Update 2017: On Feb. 5th, Michael Miller, D.C., won his fifth Super Bowl along with Tom Brady and the whole Patriots team, making him the o [...]

Josh Axe, D.C.

Josh Axe, D.C., DNM, CNS has built a successful chiropractic practice, cared for Olympic athletes, authored several books, hosted a national [...]
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