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Integrated/Collaborative/Multidisciplinary Practice profile

Mark Williams, D.C.

Dr. Mark Williams is on the cutting edge of integrative health care at Rosen Medical Center, established by Rosen Hotels and Resorts in Orla [...]

Erik Roach, D.C.

Palmer Chiropractor Finds Success Through a Multidisciplinary Private Practice Just 10 years after graduating from chiropractic school, Erik [...]

Alec Schielke

Long hours. Complex injuries. Lots of patients with low back pain. Welcome to the life of a DoD/VA chiropractic student.  “I am way out o [...]

Amy Bowzaylo, D.C.

The Allied Health Services Department at Saad Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia is way ahead of the curve in patient care. And Amy Bowzayl [...]

Taylor Rabbetz, D.C.

Making the decision to leave a business career and enter the chiropractic profession wasn’t an easy choice for San Jose, Calif., Campus al [...]
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