Palmer Main SABCA Profile

Palmer’s Student American Black Chiropractic Association (SABCA) prides itself on encouraging students to build unity through diversit [...]

Palmer Sweethearts: Kelsey and Erick

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Palmer sweethearts! Erick Hernandez first noticed Kelsey Arneson at their first trimester new-student mix [...]

Palmer Florida student debunks common NBCE myths

Quarter 11 student Austin Moon recently represented Palmer Florida at the National Board in Colorado for the 17th annual Student Leadership [...]

Palmer Sweethearts: Anna and Christian

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Palmer Sweethearts! Quarter 3 students Anna Gerteisen and Christian Soler are so grateful they sho [...]

Akeem Morris

Akeem Morris, student at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida Campus, says he always knew he was destined to help people, but he n [...]

Seun Awobusuyi, D.C.

It wasn’t until Seun Awobusuyi, D.C. (Florida, ’11) became a student at Palmer Florida that he experienced his first-ever chirop [...]

Palmer Florida SABCA Profile

Family. That’s how the current President of SABCA (Student American Black Chiropractic Association), Remi Jeffries, describes what thi [...]

Palmer Sweethearts: Bianca and Rob

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Palmer Sweethearts! Bianca and Rob’s love story began in an unlikely place; the cadaver lab [...]


Our admissions team is hitting the road to help you learn about the exciting career opportunities that start at Palmer College of Chiropract [...]
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