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Scott Meisel, D.C.

Dr. Meisel (Main, '84) with studentsScott Meisel, D.C. (Main, ‘84) is an instructor on Palmer College’s Florida campus who found a love for teaching after retiring from 31 years in private practice.

Dr. Meisel’s journey into chiropractic began when he was 14 and was injured during a Saturday night baseball game. His parents were ready to take him to an emergency room that night, but his baseball team was sponsored by a chiropractor and they were urged to give him a call. That call happened at 10 p.m. that night, with an appointment set up for Meisel at 8 a.m. the next day. “I don’t remember the specifics of what was done, but I do remember being able to walk out. My parents had to carry me in.”

This first adjustment led to many more as Meisel continued to go for adjustments while continuing to be active, participating in three different sports in high school. Once in college, Meisel played football and baseball at Winona State University and built a relationship with a chiropractor near the college.

This patient-doctor relationship would soon blossom into a working relationship. The chiropractor wanted Meisel to join him at his practice as an associate, but Meisel wanted to see his collegiate sporting career through. Once he graduated from college, Meisel took up a teaching job at a very prominent school in the Minneapolis suburbs. It only took a year of teaching before a career change was in the mix. Meisel told himself, “You’re not going to get any younger. If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it now.” He moved to Davenport, Iowa to study chiropractic at the Fountainhead. During his time there, he got back in touch with the chiropractor who helped him throughout his years at college. He had become more of a mentor. When Meisel was graduating there was an associate position opening, and he was able to practice with his mentor for the first three years of his extensive career.

About 28 years into his career in private practice, Meisel started think about going into teaching. In 2014, he received his Master’s in Anatomy and Physiology from New York Chiropractic College. After retiring from private practice, he began looking into teaching jobs and happened upon a position open at Palmer College of Florida. He is in his fourth year of teaching at Palmer and he is very glad to be here. “I don’t know one faculty member here that wouldn’t help a student, provided they know a student needs help.” Dr. Meisel teaches students philosophy in their first quarter on campus, and then gets to see them again in their sixth quarter teaching them extremity anatomy. Meisel is also a very active instructor with the Gonstead club.

Dr. Meisel’s advice to students is, “Don’t forget why you’re here. Do something chiropractic once a week, especially in the first year. And find an older student to bounce ideas off of and find that mentor to help you.”

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