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Congratulations Class 202!

We asked our 2020 graduates on the Florida campus to share one word describing their Palmer College experience and something they’re looking forward to after graduation. Congratulations to our Palmer graduates Class of 202!

Josean Corchado

Josean Corchado (Florida, '20)Overcoming.

I want to dedicate my graduation to my dad, Gabriel Corchado, who died during my second year in Palmer. He’s the one who taught me the values and the importance of never giving up in life. He told me to “go and do what you must do, I will be here supporting you.” You sure did dad!

In 2002, I signed a professional contract to become part of the Oakland A’s organization. I thought baseball was going to be my profession forever, but injuries let me down, and I was released in 2007. Right after I started looking for another profession that would fulfill my soul, and that’s when I met chiropractic.

When I got accepted at Palmer it felt like that second opportunity in life. My years in Palmer were awesome, even though some rough moments knocked me hard like the passing of my father, my knee and hand injuries, and the catastrophic event on my island Puerto Rico. These situations only made me stronger and more resilient.

I have learned along the way that nothing is given if not earned. I worked hard on my skills and knowledge to become the best doctor possible. Getting a patient to feel better, for me, is like hitting a home run with the bases loaded or striking out the batter with the winning run on third base. I’ve fallen in love with my new profession. I cannot wait to be out there helping others.

I am thankful for my wife Cynthia, my daughters Nahia, Sophia and Lailah, my mom Taty, my brother Gaby and my sister Bibi. Thanks for your support, without you this would not be possible. I am also grateful for the friends and classmates I made during my time here.

Rina Patel

Rina Patel (Florida, '20)Enlightening.

I never realized the number of opportunities that being a Palmer student could bring me. I never imagined my next steps would be in Hawaii, but the skills and knowledge I was given prepared me for a competitive field. I’m really excited to start my new journey at Island Family Chiropractic on the island of Oahu this fall.






Santos D. Perez Custodio

Santos D. Perez Custodio (Florida, '20)Inclusive.

I think of my time at Palmer as “inclusive” because every student on this campus comes from different parts of the world and the country but here, we become a new family. Whether it is our beliefs, culture, or language, all students come together to help and learn from each other and to share a common bond and interest, chiropractic.

I would never have imagined that after several years of having finished my student career I would return to study, much less move from my country to follow my dream and become a doctor. It was not an easy decision but the support of my family and friends helped me to move forward and not look back.

Today I can say that I ACHIEVED IT. I want to thank my wife, Andrea, for always believing in me, for helping me and motivating me to continue in those sleepless nights. I also want to thank my mother, Ramona, and my father, Santos, because they always gave me the best advice when I needed to hear it most. The three of them were an essential piece for me to achieve my goal. I am so grateful for the friendships and new family that I created at Palmer, to all those fellow graduates who helped me grow, as well as all those students who allowed me to help them and be part of their learning and growth.

I’m happy about the new stage in my life that awaits me and the new goals that I’ve set for myself. I know that Palmer prepared me with the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to help people and communities wherever I practice. I am eager to finally get out there and give my 100% helping people have a better quality of life.




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