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5 Ways to Engage Patients Outside the Clinic

Lisa Goodman, D.C. (West, ’06) Shares Her Top Five Tips to Connect to Patients Outside of Your Office

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado chiropractors could only care for emergent patients. In an effort not to completely abandon our patients, we quickly got up to speed on telemedicine. We offer consultations, evaluations and recommendations for home care, pain management, imaging or referrals.

Social media can take a lot of time, so I recommend setting up a schedule and process that saves time but keeps your patients engaged. Post spontaneous content daily on your Instagram or Facebook stories to stay relevant!

Have an attention-grabbing monthly or biweekly newsletter. Formatting and content are everything. Include information that’s relevant to your patients. They don’t want to see linked articles, recipes and workouts from outside of your practice.

Allow patients access to text your main number. Program outbound texts for appointment reminders, birthday greetings and MIA appointment reminders. Engage your patients by asking for reviews via text using software like Weave.

When the time comes, and it will, bring everyone together for a patient appreciation barbecue or happy hour at your practice. We also hold off-site classes at local gyms, which is a great way to maintain relationships with the gyms and reach prospective patients.

Lisa Goodman, D.C. (West, ’06) used her marketing background to establish a successful practice, Washington Park Chiropractic, in Denver, Colorado. She’s a certified pediatric (CACCP), prenatal (Webster) and sports chiropractor (CCSP). She lives in Denver with her husband, Joe and two children.

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