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Palmer Florida student debunks common NBCE myths

Students at the NBCE in 2020Quarter 11 student Austin Moon recently represented Palmer Florida at the National Board in Colorado for the 17th annual Student Leadership Forum. The idea is simple, giving students an inside look at the science behind the development of the board exams, the cost of exams, the importance of standardized exams, and the psychometrics of the scoring process.

Moon was one of 12 students selected nationally to participate in a structured focus group, where he and others gave feedback to the NBCE about their unique experiences with applications, exam administration and security, and score reporting. This information will be used to improve the process for future students.

While there, Moon had the opportunity to learn and debunk some common myths about the NBCE and the boards. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the myths discussed:

  1. There isn’t a curve. Some questions are worth more than others based on how difficult the question. Theoretically, there could be a 100% rate of passing or failing. There is not a set percentage that passes or fails.
  2. There are 10 “field test questions” incorporated into each test that ARE thrown out. How these questions are answered gauges whether they will be used in upcoming exams or not.
  3. NBCE does not “hold scores.” There are several detailed steps that must be completed before scores are released that justify the dreaded four-week wait.
  4. NBCE does much more than just create standardized board exams. They’ve created $6.78 million dollars in financial assistance to students in the last decade. NBCE recently donated $1 million to RAND Corporation to teach chiropractors how to apply for federal grants to complete chiropractic research. NBCE and F4CP (Foundation for Chiropractic Progress) donated $600,000 for the production of the commercial that will be used in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic commercials. This has never been done before and will be a huge exposure for the profession internationally.
  5. Many ask why the results take so long to be released? Every question is analyzed for the validity and strength of each question. They also account for uncontrollable things, like the weather, which may cause delays.
  6. The NBCE hasn’t increased the price of board exams in the last three years.

Moon also learned that the NBCE is working to create an International Board of Chiropractic Examiners. They’re working with WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic) to help create a standard that will allow for international mobility of licensures so someone with a license in the United States or Europe could then go and be recognized as a licensed chiropractor in other countries. It’s a long process ahead, but it’s in the works.

“It was incredible to see that NBCE is more than an organization that makes board exams. They are invested in chiropractic and want to help advance the profession,” says Moon.

Thank you to the NBCE for providing these great pictures of the weekend!


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