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Palmer Sweethearts: Anna and Christian

Anna and Christian, Palmer Florida coupleHappy Valentine’s Day to all of our Palmer Sweethearts!

Quarter 3 students Anna Gerteisen and Christian Soler are so grateful they showed up to the new student mixer in July 2019. They had moved to a new city, and for Anna, a new state. They knew no one. That evening they sat near each other and before long they realized how much they had in common.

“We really bonded over basketball that night, but what really caught my eye about her was how driven she was and how well we got along when we first met,” says Christian.

“Moving to a new state and starting this program was so nerve-racking, but having him help during the transition was really comforting,” says Anna.

It doesn’t take long to see the two are very playful as a couple. And it’s that levity that brings balance to the stresses of grad school life.

Anna laughs, “Oh, we are brutally honest with each other when it comes to practicing chiropractic set-ups or palpations. We both understand that this will make us better chiropractors. I really admire his determination and dedication to fully understand what we are learning in class and then practicing what we can. We both have big goals for our futures practices which only makes me want to work harder.”

“I admire how much she wants to learn and we really push each other to be the best that we can be. I wouldn’t want to go through the program with anyone else,” says Christian.

Thank you for sharing your Palmer Sweethearts story, Anna and Christian!


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