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Akeem Morris

Akeem Morris, Palmer Florida student

Akeem Morris, student at Palmer Chiropractic’s Florida Campus

Akeem Morris, student at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Florida Campus, says he always knew he was destined to help people, but he never expected the series of events that fatefully led him to pursue a doctor of chiropractic degree.

Morris says growing up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, chiropractic wasn’t very prevalent in his community. “When I was in high school my sister actually started working for a chiropractor so that was my first exposure to the profession,” says Morris.

Not long after getting her job, his sister was given a diagnosis her family never saw coming. She had a brain tumor. The CT scan showed it was benign, but it still required brain surgery to remove it. And the recovery was hard. Due to the location of the tumor, his sister lost vision in her left eye and her sense of smell.

“We were grateful for her recovery, but it didn’t take long before the tumor grew back, twice the size of the first one, and she had to undergo a second surgery. It was during this operation, she suffered from a blood clot that caused a stroke,” says Morris.

A few hours after his then 20-year-old sister came out of anesthesia, paralysis swept through her left side. Her surgeon told them she would never walk again.

“Oh my Mom didn’t take no for an answer,” Morris laughs, “That’s just who she is. We started looking into any non-traditional options. I remember taking my sister to her chiropractic appointments and watching as sensation came back in her hands and leg after a chiropractic adjustment. It was miraculous to witness. It’s been over 10 years now, she’s walking and has limited use of her left hand, but that chiropractor gave her quality of life back and the whole experience inspired me to be where I’m at today, here at Palmer Florida.”

As we celebrate Black History Month, Morris says being a future black chiropractor is an honor, “I remember when I first started school, I was surprised at the small percentage of students who were black. I’m proud to be here and continue to pave the way for future young men and young women of color to be inspired to dream big.

“I would say follow your heart, no matter what you choose. Get a mentor and make a plan. For me having a mentor in chiropractic school has been instrumental to my success. I simply started out following a few doctors early on and one really resonated with me. Find someone who is willing to invest their time in you. I promise you, that relationship will be the best investment you can do.”


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