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2020 SABCA group at Palmer Florida

Family. That’s how the current President of SABCA (Student American Black Chiropractic Association), Remi Jeffries, describes what this club represents to her.

“I remember when I first started at Palmer Florida seven quarters ago, SABCA members immediately came up to me to make sure I was OK in my transition. That really meant a lot to me.”

Things have come full circle now as she enters her third quarter as club president and she’s now helping younger quarters get acclimated to school and resources as quickly as possible.

“I’m really proud of SABCA. We’ve grown a lot since I first started in school. We come from the mentality that this club is whatever the members want it to be, but we focus on community service, technique practices and guest speakers. Each quarter we change our programming, but those are the three pillars we pull from.”

Community service is a big part of their sense of community. For Black History Month, SABCA members will be coming together to complete two trash pickups at local churches to help beautify the area.

“It’s important for people of color to be in this profession and to be represented in our communities. Part of our mission is to expose more people to chiropractic so they understand what it can do for them. I think sometimes people of color are more comfortable and more willing to prioritize their health if they can go to a doctor who looks like them. With Black History Month, it’s vital we take time to honor the chiropractors who came before us who have helped pave the path in representation in the chiropractic field. We need to celebrate their successes not just this month, but always!”


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