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Palmer Sweethearts: Bianca and Rob

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Palmer Sweethearts!

Bianca and Rob’s love story began in an unlikely place; the cadaver lab on campus. Bianca laughs, “It’s a little Photo of couple Bianca and Robmorbid, but we essentially met over a dead body. The first time I met him, I had scrubs, safety goggles and a face mask on, plus my hair was a mess. It wasn’t exactly my best look.”

Rob says, “Joining the dissecting team gave us more opportunities to talk since I’m two quarters ahead of her and our paths wouldn’t normally cross as much. I just remember being blown away with how much we had in common. We bonded over music, traveling, craft beers and tons of other things!”

“Rob has been my pillar of strength and support. I never thought I would meet my soulmate, but I did! We both fell in love with neurology, enrolled in the neurology diplomate program and travel to seminars together. It’s been such a blast being able to learn what I love with the person that I love and adore,” says Bianca.

Two years later, they’re stronger than ever as they pursue their D.C. degree. Rob is currently in 11th quarter and Bianca is 9th, which means she’s soon transitioning into the clinic portion of her education.

“It’s been the most amazing two years of my life. I’m the luckiest man to have met such a brilliant woman. Bianca showed me how to buckle down and put in longer hours than anyone to get what I wanted out of this program. Coming into Palmer, I knew there was a chance to meet someone here, but I didn’t realize I would meet the most perfect person to match my personality. I’m thankful for every moment with her and I owe it all to Palmer.”

We asked Bianca the biggest thing she’s learned from Rob, “Well, honestly I learn from Rob every single day, but the main thing he’s taught me is to relax and enjoy Palmer’s process and not try to get swept up into the stress.”

To these #palmersweethearts, we wish you both the world of success in chiropractic and of course, in love!

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