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Mark Williams, D.C.

Dr. Mark Williams is on the cutting edge of integrative health care at Rosen Medical Center, established by Rosen Hotels and Resorts in Orlando, Florida. The self-insured, company-managed, on-site medical center was founded 25 years ago by central Florida hotelier Harris Rosen.

“The reason Rosen Medical Center is such a unique place to work is that they actually believe in wellness care. They try not to prescribe too many medications and always consider alternative methods of care.” said Mark Williams, D.C. (Florida, 2008) The center includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners and chiropractors, all working together for the good of their patients. “Patients can see their doctor, the doctor can order the x-rays, and that same day I’ll have the x-rays in front of me and treat the patient.”

Chiropractic was the first specialty area to be included within the Rosen Center. For Williams, working side by side with other doctors within the same building allows them to give the patients the care they need in a timely and convenient manner. Dr. Williams added, “Rosen Hotels are known for exemplary customer service which carries over into patient care. We have passion for the work that we do, compassion for the patients we serve.

With regard to his experience at Palmer College, Williams said, “I really enjoyed my time at Palmer’s Florida Campus. I met a lot of great people and learned a variety of specific techniques allowing me to pick and choose what works best for my patients. Everything I learned has helped me land where I am now.”

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