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Terry Schroeder, D.C.

Six-time Olympian says chiropractic is his gold medal.

Terry Schroeder, D.C. (San Jose, ’86), scored numerous goals during the course of a Hall of Fame career in which he was selected to four U.S. Olympic water-polo teams as a player (’80, ’84, ’88 and ’92), and participated in two other Olympics as a coach (’08 and ’12).

Dr. Schroeder’s experiences during the course of qualifying and training for four Olympic games as a player, and, more recently, preparing for two Olympics as a coach, have taught him multiple life-lessons that have impacted him well beyond his athletic endeavors. He says he applies them every day, whether with patients in his practice or the players that he coaches. Learn more about Dr. Schroeder and his accomplishments as an Olympian and a chiropactor, visit our News blog, or read about him in Palmer Insights.

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