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Dustin Glass, D.C.

Dustin Glass, D.C., CCSP® has been the official chiropractor for USA Volleyball for the past six years.

He vividly recalls the exhilarating emotions he felt standing on the podium with the coach and players during the medal ceremony at the 2014 International Volleyball World Championships in Italy, when the U.S. women’s team won for the first time.

Dr. Glass has served as a member of the sports medicine team for USA Volleyball (men’s and women’s) since 2010. After two months of demonstrating strong treatment skills and developing a good working relationship with the athletic trainers for the men’s and women’s teams, he earned the appointment as the official chiropractor, which has included trips to provide care at events in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Italy and Japan.

Read more about Dr. Glass and Team USA volleyball in Palmer Insights Sping/Summer 2016 issue.

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