Karen Slota, D.C.

Palmer alumna is first female pro football chiropractor.

Karen Slota, D.C. and Kyle Prusso, D.C. on the field with the Detroit Lions

Karen Slota, D.C. and Kyle Prusso, D.C. on the field with the Detroit Lions

In 2015, Dr. Slota earned the distinction of becoming the first woman appointed as the full-time chiropractor for a professional football team, the Detroit Lions.

“That was very special,” says Dr. Slota, reflecting on the vote of confidence she received from the Lions’ players, which led to her selection as the team’s fulltime chiropractor. This makes Dr. Slota the first female member of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS), which includes each of the 32 professional football team chiropractors (one-third of whom are Palmer graduates), established in 2001.

Dr. Slota’s appointment as the Lions’ team chiropractor is the latest example of professional football’s integrative approach to player care. It also speaks to the number of women drawn to the growing field of sports chiropractic.  Read the whole story in the spring/summer 2016 issue of Palmer Insights.

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