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Jim Jernigan

Jim Jernigan is a 25-year old who knows what he wants, and he is already well on his way to getting it. He will graduate with his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree and begin his career as a chiropractor before his 26th birthday.

“In high school, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor. I knew I had to do four years of undergrad before I could go to chiropractic school, so I started my undergrad at a university. But I felt like I was wasting my time,” says Jernigan. “Then I learned that Palmer has an undergrad program that would allow me to earn dual credits for both my undergraduate and my graduate degree at the same time.”

Jernigan is one of the savvy chiropractic students taking advantage of Palmer’s 3+1 Program, a duel-credit arrangement (available at over 40 different undergraduate schools) which offers students the opportunity to complete their undergrad while working on their chiropractic degree. In Jim’s case,  he took advantage of the 3+1 program using in conjunction with Palmer’s Bachelor’s of Science Completion Program.  He received both his B.S. and his D.C. degrees from Palmer.  At the same time, he was able to eliminate one full year of undergraduate study and tuition. Because Jim took this route, he saved time and money while being fully immersed in chiropractic learning.

Jim is enthusiastic about the benefits of the 3+1 program.  “Most of my classes for the undergrad program are taught by the same faculty as the doctorate classes and are taught with a chiropractic emphasis.  So I’m getting to know the faculty, and instead of having to write a research paper on some random topic, I get to research chiropractic topics that directly apply to my chosen field,” says Jernigan. “It makes every class more interesting and valuable.”

For Jernigan, the 3+1 program has also given him a leg up in his D.C. courses. “Because I already knew the faculty and their teaching style and expectations, I found I was able to perform better that a lot of my classmates.

For more information about our 3+1 and bachelor’s degree completion programs, visit www.Palmer.edu.


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