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Damian Redlinksi, D.C.

Want the secret to getting hired by a professional sports team?

Damian Redlinski, D. C., Davenport ’78, would tell you “location, location, location,” because that’s how it started for him. His first office was less than a mile from Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y., where the Buffalo Bills play, and where he serves as the Bills’ team chiropractor.

“One day back in 1979, Rusty Jackson (then a punter with the Bills) came into my office and asked if I could help him with his back pain,” explains Dr. Redlinski. “So I adjusted him, he started feeling better, and the rest is history,” he says with a grin.

But it took more than 20 years — and a whole lot of humble persistence — to become the official team chiropractor for the Bills. For years, Dr. Redlinski provided adjustments at training camps and in the players’ hotel rooms, staying under the radar of then-disapproving medical staff.  Personal letters to the coaching staff, team-led petitions, and a change in medical personnel had to occur before the Buffalo Bills would join other pro football teams by adding a chiropractor to their staff of health professionals.

Today, opportunities for chiropractors within professional sports abound as chiropractic care is increasingly valued for its conservative, non-invasive approach to injury rehabilitation. All 33 professional football teams have chiropractors on staff, and about one-third of them are Palmer grads.  

Dr. Redlinski with Bills player Joseph Bryant

Dr. Redlinski with Bills player Joseph Bryant

What advice does Dr. Redlinski have for current and future students of chiropractic? “Stick to the basics,” he says. “In 30 years of practice I haven’t run across a single injury that was within the scope of chiropractic that I couldn’t help with the Palmer package. Palmer teaches everything you need to know in order to take care of athletes, so just stick to the basics and the philosophy of chiropractic, and you will do well.”

Is Palmer really better than other chiropractic colleges? “My daughter is a student here now, and I wouldn’t want her studying chiropractic anywhere else,” he says. “There’s something in these old halls that just IS chiropractic.”

For chiropractic students interested in caring for professional football players, the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) hosts an annual combine to recruit the best and brightest new talent in chiropractic. Visit for more information about the PFCS and their annual combine program.

To learn more about specializing in sports chiropractic at Palmer, check out our Ask Palmer blog on the topic.

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