David Johnson, D.C.

David Johnson, D.C., adjusts babies, grandparents and world-class athletes

(Congratulations to Zach Johnson, who won the 2015 British Open on Monday, July 20. His dad is Cedar Rapids, Iowa, chiropractor David Johnson, D.C., who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Davenport campus in 1977.)

Pro golfer Zach Johnson’s chiropractor isn’t just devoted to providing the best care for his star patient — he’s also his dad! But Palmer grad David Johnson, D.C., doesn’t just provide chiropractic care for professional athletes, rock stars, and college sports teams, he also treats everyone from babies to grandmothers and everyone in between.

Dr. Johnson with his son Zach

Dr. Johnson with his son Zach

Dr. Johnson practices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In addition to helping his son, Zach, he also provides chiropractic care to Mount Mercy College student-athletes, and sees a variety of athletes in his practice. From middle school sports participants to high-level competitors, each day is a reminder of how vital chiropractic care is to the current success and future potential of these athletes.

“Athletes are turning to chiropractic first after injuries,” he says. “They’re looking for less-invasive procedures that allow for shorter turnaround times and few side effects and setbacks. Chiropractic is just that. They are seeing the results and continue to see them under chiropractic care.”

“I’m a chiropractor. I adjust babies, I adjust grandmothers, I get to work with famous celebrities and athletes,” he adds. “It’s been very fulfilling to help people by hand and get great results. It’s just awesome.”

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