Davenport Campus Female Student

Brianne Wade

How the healing power of chiropractic can inspire

At just 21 years old, Brianne Wade was facing a hysterectomy.

Brianne celebrates an accomplishment with a fellow student

Brianne celebrates an accomplishment with a fellow student.

She’d experienced heavy menstrual periods for many years, starting when she was 16 years old. Despite seeing countless medical doctors, including consultation at the Mayo Clinic, and taking many different kinds of medication, nothing had worked and she was having a menstrual period nearly every day. “I was miserable for about three years,” she said. “I ran hot, cold, happy, sad, mad and calm. I was a wreck.”

Finally, when she was in college, she began contemplating the drastic step of having a hysterectomy. “I had accepted the fact that I’d never have my own children,” she said. “But before going through with my decision, I decided to talk to my chiropractor.

Brianne’s chiropractor, Joshua Lawlor, D.C., Davenport ‘05, made a promise: If she would give him a month, he would do everything he could to help her. And he did. “A few weeks into my adjustments, I was starting to feel better and more ‘normal’ than I’d been in years. My chiropractor looked at the bigger picture. I’m happy again.

Her experience with chiropractic inspired Brianne to do the same for others, and now she’s a 9th trimester student at Palmer’s Davenport campus.

“You might think my chiropractor went above and beyond what you think you need to do for your patients, but he didn’t,” she told her fellow students. “He just did what he knew was right for his patient. All you have to do is find the subluxation, adjust it, and the body, being self-healing and self-regulating, will do the rest.”

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