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Stephen Press, D.C.

Palmer graduate is part of Olympic history!

Stephen Press, D.C., Ph.D., CCSP, graduated from Palmer’s Davenport, Iowa, campus in 1978. He took his passion for chiropractic and sports to a global level. In 1992, he served as the chief physician for the entire Soviet Olympic team during the Winter Games in Albertville, France.

How’d that happen?

In 1987, Dr. Press founded the Federation Internationale du Chiropractic Sportive (FICS). One year later, he traveled with the FICS to Moscow, where he began a relationship with Russian athletes that would last for decades. He treated figure skater and Olympic gold Medalist Ekaterina Gordeeva for sciatica, helped raise a quarter of a million dollars to set up a chiropractic clinic in Moscow, and was presented a gold medal of his own — the Coach of Champions award. The rest is history.

Stephen Press, D.C., Ph.D., CCSP cares for Ekaterina Gordeeva 1988

Stephen Press, D.C., Ph.D., CCSP, cares for Ekaterina Gordeeva 1988

“Thirty years ago, it was the dream of a chiropractor to go to the Olympics,” says Dr. Press. “Today we have more openings for Olympic chiropractors than there are qualified chiropractors to fill them.”

His tips for those who want to be sports chiropractors: “Get your CCSP certification. Sports chiropractic is a specialty, and you need to be on top of it. Volunteer at your local Little League and work your way up from the trenches.”

In June 2015, he was elected a Fellow in the Faculty of Sport & Exercise by the Royal College of Chiropractors (United Kingdom). There are some 1,300 chiropractors in the U.K., but only about 50 of them have been elected to the rank of Fellow. Dr. Press is only the second non-British citizen to have received this honor.

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