NHL team-DCs, inaugural PHCS Symposium feature multiple Palmer alumni

NHL team-DCs, inaugural PHCS Symposium feature multiple Palmer alumni

Steve Capobianco, D.C., DACRB, (West ’03), medical director for RockTape, and presenter at inaugural PHCS Symposium: “I’m always impressed by how the top doctors who are at the pinnacle of our profession are always engaged and eager to learn new ways to help their patients – whether caring for professional athletes or ‘weekend warriors’.”

The Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society (PHCS), comprised of the National Hockey League (and minor-league affiliated) team-chiropractors, recently held its inaugural Symposium at the Breckenridge Mountain Thunder Lodge in Colorado.

The PHCS, established in 2017, follows the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS) and the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society (PBCS) – and, like the two other organizations, Palmer alumni are well represented on the PHCS roster of DCs providing care for the 31 NHL teams.

Greg Uchacz, D.C. (West ’92), one of the three PHCS team-chiropractors for the Calgary Flames: “High-performance athletes have the best appreciation for their bodies. They will always gravitate to those health professionals who provide them with the best care, help resolve injuries the fastest, and help from a performance standpoint. Because of this, more and more athletes are gravitating to sports chiropractors.”

Of the 38 doctors on the PHCS roster (some teams utilize more than one chiropractor), three are Palmer Davenport graduates (Todd Staker, D.C., ’95, Carolina Hurricanes; John Marchese, D.C., ’96, Boston Bruins; and Stuart Yoss, D.C., CCSP®, ’95, Chicago Blackhawks) and three are Palmer West graduates (Jason Dick, D.C., ’03, Calgary Flames; Dustin Glass, D.C., CCSP ®, ’03, Anaheim Ducks; and Greg Uchacz, D.C., ’92, Calgary Flames).

Three Palmer alumni are also represented among the eight members of the PHCS Board of Directors: Dr. Glass, social media director; Dr. Staker, membership director; and Dr. Yoss, minor league director. Dr. Yoss also serves as team chiropractor for the NBA Chicago Bulls and the WNBA Chicago Sky.

West ’03 alumni Dustin Glass, D.C., CCSP ® (chiropractor for Anaheim Ducks) and Steven Capobianco, D.C., DACRB, medical director for RockTape, enjoyed reminiscing about their days as Palmer West students. Another West ’03 alumnus, Jason Dick, D.C., is one of the three PHCS-member team-chiropractors providing care for the Calgary Flames.

West ’03 alumnus Steven Capobianco, D.C., DACRB, medical director for RockTape, was among the featured speakers during the two-day Symposium. Dr. Capobianco presented a workshop on using kinesiology tape and floss bands to assist in caring for hockey players.

“As the emergence of PHCS and the chiropractic societies featuring team doctors from other sports indicates, having a chiropractor in the training room, and as a member of the sports-medicine team, is now the norm,” said Dr. Glass, who maintains a Southern California-based practice, where he also serves as the team chiropractor for USA Volleyball (men’s and women’s indoor teams).

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