Alumni, student events display Palmer's leadership in corporate chiropractic

Alumni, student events display Palmer’s leadership in corporate chiropractic

With nearly 50 percent of all U.S. companies expected to provide some form of on-site health services for employees by 2018 (per a recent Wall Street Journal article), two recent events at its West campus in San Jose, Calif., demonstrated Palmer College’s leadership in the field of “corporate chiropractic.”

Palmer alumni were able to interview for positions at integrated health settings (corporate-based and VA/DoD) at a multidisciplinary job fair presented by the Palmer Center for Business Development on Jan. 8.

Corporate Chiropractic panel-members included Palmer West alumni (from left): Mason Orme, D.C., Adam Jacobs, D.C., Morgan Young, D.C., Matthew McCormack, D.C., Kale Ptacek, D.C., and Molica Anderson, D.C..

Crossover Health, Premise Health, and Veteran Health Administration were among the job-fair organizations accepting applications from qualified candidates.

“The growing emergence of company-based health centers, and the inclusion of chiropractic care at virtually each, speaks volumes about the recognition these companies have for the cost- and clinical effectiveness of the service we provide,” said West Campus President Bill Meeker, D.C., M.P.H., F.P.A.C. (West ’82).

“Hosting the recent multidisciplinary job fair is another example of the demand for DCs in integrated health care setting,” noted Dr. Meeker. “It also speaks to Palmer’s leadership in providing opportunities for our graduates, who fill the demand by patients seeking non-pharmaceutical options to chronic pain – and as primary care professionals for spinal health and well-being, chiropractors are well-suited to fill this role.”

Mason Orme, D.C. (West ’11) talked about providing chiropractic care in multidisciplinary clinics managed by Crossover Health.

Several Palmer West alumni who provide chiropractic-care at various campus-based or corporate-focused health centers in Bay Area participated in a special alumni-panel program hosted by the West Student Ambassadors of the Palmer Center for Business Development at the West campus on Jan. 18.

The second annual corporate chiropractic panel gave students a unique opportunity to gain insightful perspectives from Palmer alumni who provide care at multidisciplinary clinics and/or integrative corporate-based health-centers.

Panel-participants included: Molica Anderson, D.C. (West ’13), Google/Premise Health; Adam Jacobs, D.C. (West ’08), Yelp; Matthew McCormack, D.C., CCSP® (West ’14), Motiva Health; Mason Orme, D.C. (West ’11), Crossover Health; Kale Ptacek, D.C. (West ’14), Motiva Health; and Morgan Young, D.C., (West ’07), Cisco Systems’ LifeConnections Health Center.

“At many of these clinics, the demand for chiropractic care has grown exponentially faster than many of the other services, which has seen locations that started with two D.C.s grow to include six – and, I’m proud to say, the majority are Palmer alumni,” said Dr. Meeker.

“Several of the doctors on the panel said they just got lucky when getting hired, when, in fact, their appointments reflect their ambition, engagement and the fact they made impressions that mattered,” said Dr. Young.

Hosted by the West Student Ambassadors of the Palmer Center for Business Development, the corporate chiropractic panel-program drew a large crowd for the second year in a row.

“The fact that the majority of the chiropractors in the corporate clinics are Palmer graduates speaks volumes about the quality of the education we receive,” said Dr. Orme.

“Palmer not only prepared its graduates to work side by side with other health care professionals in these clinics, but to excel in them.”

“The corporate chiropractic program was an informational as well as an inspirational event,” said Monique Hamon, president of the West campus PCBD Student Ambassadors.

“I felt so much pride in hearing how well-prepared, respected, and successful the Palmer alumni are in the multidisciplinary fields – and how their efforts are creating opportunities for myself and other students as the next generation of Palmer graduates.”

Palmer alumni who were not able to attend the recent job fair, but wish to submit their CV/resume for consideration, should forward to Bill Updyke, D.C., with the subject heading “Chiropractic Job Application” at

For additional information on the field of corporate chiropractic, visit the Palmer web site.