Palmer alumni in memoriam

Davenport campus:

Dr.Blair Bauer, a 1980 graduate from Richmond, Minn. (formerly North Dakota), passed away on 1/19/15.

Ms. Judith K. Bleecker, a 1996 A.S.C.T. graduate from Kewanee, Ill., passed away on 11/6/14.

Dr. Charles R. Burns, a 1959 graduate from The Dalles, Ore., passed away on 11/27/14.

Dr. Earl E. Bush, a 1958 graduate from LaJolla, Calif., passed away on 10/15/14.

Dr. Lori E. Cohen, a 1982 graduate from Manitou Springs, Colo., passed away on 10/4/14.

Dr. D. Keith Cooper, a 1957 graduate from Robertsdale, Ala., passed away on 12/5/14.

Dr. Herbert L. Dees, a 1969 graduate from Farmington, N.M., passed away on 11/15/14.

Dr. Marshall Dickholtz Sr., a 1956 graduate from Lincolnwood, Ill., passed away on 11/11/14.

Dr. Timothy J. Ducey, a 1980 graduate from Moline, Ill., passed away on 10/24/14.

Dr. Paul F. Fulk, a 1976 graduate from Springboro, Ohio, passed away on 9/20/14.

Dr. Marc B. Gladden, a 1989 graduate from Michigan and the Philippines, passed away on 9/30/14.

Dr. Curtis W. Gonstead, a 1956 graduate from Beloit, Wis., passed away on 1/5/15.

Dr. Kevin T. Gribbin, a 1966 graduate from Greensburg, Pa., passed away on 11/17/14.

Dr. Darwin W. Hoover, a 1952 graduate from Sioux Falls, S.D., passed away on 11/9/14.

Dr. Eugene W. Mapes, a 1962 graduate from Lakeview, Ark., passed away on 11/15/14.

Dr. Edwin Neilson, a 1975 graduate from Morristown, Tenn., passed away on 11/21/14.

Dr. Thu The Nguyen, a 1981 graduate from Westminster, Calif., passed away on 11/24/14.

Dr. Gary Pennebaker, a 1976 graduate from Eden Prairie, Minn., passed away on 11/23/14.

Dr. Kevin J. Pursel, a 1992 graduate from Green Bay, Wis., passed away on 11/12/14.

Dr. George William Salsman, a 1956 graduate from Colorado Springs, Colo., passed away on 10/13/14.

Dr. Kenneth E. Tarsia, a 1957 graduate from Catskill, N.Y., passed away on 11/25/14.

Dr. Harold James Van Slooten, a 1977 graduate from Salt Lake City, Utah, passed away on 11/21/14.

San Jose campus

Dr. David J. Villescaz, a 1985 graduate from Woodland, Calif., passed away on 7/27/14.

Port Orange campus

Dr. Jeffrey Stuart Hutchison, a 2011 graduate from Douglas, Ga., passed away on 11/17/14.