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#liveyourdream and #changelives

Palmer’s latest video

Being a chiropractor is about more than making a living or running your own business (or practicing in other ways). It’s about making your life extraordinary … by helping others, living your dream and changing lives.

When children dream of what they want to be when they grow up, they usually don’t envision a life behind a desk, typing away and doing paperwork. They see themselves doing fantastic things–being a hero, making people feel better or generally making the world a better place. Chiropractors do just that.

In the spirit of our many chiropractors and students, we’ve created a video that captures what it is to live your dream and how it feels to change lives.

Please enjoy this video and share it with others. We also encourage you to share how you live your own dream and change lives by using the hashtags #liveyourdream and #changelives in your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook posts. If you can, tag @palmercollege, too, so we know you’re out there.

This video is the first of many that will be coming out soon. Watch for them on YouTube and other places. You are welcome to share and embed them on your site or link to them.