San Jose Campus alumnus’ book takes aim at '7 Beliefs Destroying your Health'

San Jose Campus alumnus’ book takes aim at ‘7 Beliefs Destroying your Health’

Dr. Michael Kwast, author of "7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health"

Dr. Michael Kwast, author of “7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health”


Listening to his patients share their health experiences over the course of 16 years in practice has revealed an increasingly disturbing and not-so-healthy trend for Michael Kwast, D.C. (San Jose ’98). As Dr. Kwast notes in the book’s introduction, “I noticed some disturbing trends in the ‘common knowledge’ about health and wellness within my community. People were not making informed choices at all. Many people suffered with health problems that could largely have been minimized, if they had only taken action or changed their lifestyle sooner.”

Dr. Kwast is hoping to break the cycle and enable his patients and other achieve optimal wellness with his book “7 Beliefs Destroying Your Health.”

“Public-held beliefs, and making the same choices over and over, are causing people to suffer needlessly,” said Dr. Kwast, who maintains a dual practice at iChiro Clinics/Peak Performance Chiropractic, with two offices in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“My hope with this book is to educate, and stop the trend,” added Dr. Kwast. “Most people don’t want to hear about what they don’t know, or are doing wrong–even when true!”

In most cases, not taking action or failing to make a lifestyle change comes down to a lack of awareness.

Said Dr. Kwast, “The most common denominator is a simple lack of understanding. The statement I frequently hear from patients is, ‘I should have come in sooner–I just didn’t know!’”

kwast-ichiro-7 beliefs book coverBy writing the book (available via or Dr. Kwast’s office), he hopes to impact the health and well-being of people beyond those in his own practice, so they know about chiropractic as a health path of primary care rather than one of a last resort.

“I have a passion for educating the public, most of whom know very little about chiropractic,” said Dr. Kwast. “The greatest reward in the chiropractic profession is changing lives. Whether through hands-on care in the clinic or publishing this book, seeing people get their lives back is incredibly rewarding!”

In his free time, Dr. Kwast also volunteers and provides complimentary care at Mel Trotter Ministries’ free chiropractic clinic, which serves the homeless and individuals battling substance-abuse addictions.

Video: Dr. Kwast was interviewed about his book on the news-talk program “Eight West” broadcast recently on the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Mich.