Dr. Dustin Glass rocks with KISS Arena Football

Dr. Dustin Glass

Dr. Dustin Glass

You won’t see him wearing makeup or six-inch platform shoes–however, as team chiropractor for the new Arena Football League franchise in Los Angeles owned by the rock band KISS, Dr. Dustin Glass (San Jose Campus ’03) looks forward to adjusting all night, so players can perform every day.

Dr. Glass, who maintains his primary practice at Competitive Edge Chiropractic in the Orange County community of Lake Forrest, is quite familiar with the AFL (also known as “the 50-yard indoor war”), which was established in 1987. He served as one of the team chiropractors for the former AFL franchise in Los Angeles (the Avengers), and volunteering as an assistant to the team trainer for San Jose Sabercats while attending Palmer.

His collective experience, along with his familiarity of the types of injuries common to the indoor game (in which some players among the 12 AFL teams line up on the offensive as well as the defensive side of the ball) helped Dr. Glass earn his appointment with the LA KISS (who actually play their “home” games at the Honda Center in Anaheim).

During the AFL regular season, which runs from April to July, Dr. Glass works as part of a sports-care team (which includes the head athletic trainer, and head medical doctor). He provides chiropractic care for players once a week at team practices, at every home game (starting two to four hours before kick-off), and in his Anaheim office (on an “as needed” basis).

Playing football indoors with teams of eight on a 50-year-field in a version of the game that includes the “pinball” affect (which occurs when “live” balls bounce off end-zone nets) presents Dr. Glass with some unique player-care concerns and challenges.

“We see the traditional low-back and knee issues that are common on the larger field, but at a higher incidence,” said Dr. Glass, who also serves as chiropractic consultant for the Anaheim Ducks, and is team chiropractor for USA Volleyball (which will take Dr. Glass to Italy later this year to provide care for the women’s team at the FIVB Women’s World Championships).

“The fast-paced, sudden stop-and-go nature of the indoor game leads to more ankle, neck and rib issues. In the arena game, you’re not only getting hit by players on the other team, you also are taking the impact of the hard turf, or sideline wall.”


Dr. Glass has not formally met the two KISS members who are the primary owners of the LA team that bears their band’s name (Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley), but he was in the locker room when they delivered their pre-game pep talk before the team’s inaugural game in April.

“It was very energetic and ‘theatrical’ in true KISS fashion,” said Dr. Glass, noting that film crews are present at all practices and games, as the team’s debut season, and the involvement of their two Rock-and-Roll Hall-of Fame member owners, will be produced as part of a reality TV show on AMC.

Dr. Glass was among the group of distinguished sports chiropractors honored during a special ceremony at the Sports Council 20-year reunion event during the recent San Jose Campus Homecoming 2014 program.

While he’s thrilled to be part of the LA KISS sports-care staff, Dr. Glass said it was a bigger honor to share the stage with “rock and roll stars of the sports-chiropractic world” at the Sports Council 20-year reunion event in May.

L.A. KISS Football with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

L.A. KISS Football with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

“It truly was an honor to be back on campus, stand on stage with such great doctors, and the evening was fun, because it brought back so many great memories, and had such a shared feeling of community and pride,” said Dr. Glass.

“For any prospective students who are deciding on which college to attend, if the field of sports chiropractic is a thought, there is no better choice or decision that will reward them time and time again, far after they have graduated, than Palmer.”