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3-minute Social Media Tips: Twitter Basics

A new feature we’re going to offer you is “3-minute Social Media Tips.” Whether it’s an introduction to a social media platform or information to allow you to maximize your time, we hope you’ll find these quick tips helpful.

Twitter logo

Twitter logo

What it is:  A social networking site that “allows users to post and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as ‘tweets'” (StatisticBrain).

Total active users:  645,750,000

New accounts every day:  135,000

Number of tweets that happen every 60 seconds:  546,000

What should I tweet?  The best use of Twitter to sharing information. “Twitter is meant not for friends and family but for people you actually want to communicate with” (MakeUseOf). Share links to articles and websites. Share your news. Keep track of trends; if a video is going viral on YouTube, you can bet it’s trending on Twitter.

What is a hashtag?  It’s a word or phrase preceded by a pound or number sign (#). They are used to specify a topic focused on in the tweet (Google definition). It’s recommended that you generally use no more than two hashtags per tweet.

What is tagging?  When you type in a user’s Twitter name and precede it with the “@” symbol, you’re tagging someone. This means they will be notified that you mentioned them. Their followers will also be alerted tot he post.

Are all tweets public?  Most of them are. And they cannot be removed except by the person who posted them. If you add “DM” to a tweet, it will be private and only go to the person or people you tagged.

What does “RT” mean?  RT stands for “retweet. When you retweet (or repost) someone else’s tweet, it’s expected that you add “RT” and the original poster’s username. For example: “RT @palmercollege It’s graduation day on the Davenport Campus. Congratulations to our newest doctors!”

How do I know who to follow on Twitter?  “Following” someone on Twitter means you will see their posts come up on your feed when you check your account. To find people to follow, do a hashtag search for a topic in which you are interested. If you see someone who is posting great content, click the follow button for their account.

Did you find this helpful? Are there social media platforms you want to know more about? Post them in the comments below.