Founding San Jose Sports Council members 2014

Founding officers reflect on San Jose Campus Sports Council’s 20-year history

Founding San Jose Sport Council members 1994

Founding San Jose Sport Council members 1994

Among the highlights of Palmer College’s San Jose Campus Homecoming 2014 program was the Sports Council 20-year reunion reception on Friday, May 2. Three of the four executive officers from the founding Sports Council chapter in 1994, along with 11 of the 19 Sports Council past presidents (including the first three), returned to join more than 200 past and present Sports Council members, along with many other Homecoming guests, to join in the on-campus celebration.

Hosted by the current San Jose Campus Sports Council chapter, the reunion reception featured a special awards ceremony that featured the presentation of plaques to the founding Sports Council president, faculty advisor and founding clinicians (Richard Robinson, D.C.; Edward Feinberg, D.C., DACBSP; John McDaniel, D.C.; and Thomas Souza, D.C., DACBSP), and special certificates of recognition to a distinguished group of more than two-dozen doctors for their outstanding career achievements that have helped to advance the field of sports-chiropractic.

Officers of the founding and current San Jose Campus Sports Council chapters shared their reflections on attending the reunion, and commented on the Sports Council tradition they helped to establish 20 years ago.

Dr. Feinberg (’84) has been the Sports Council faculty advisor for 20 years. “It is hard to find the words to express what a phenomenal experience the Sports Council celebration was for me,” he said. “As I walked through the crowd and reconnected with many of the past Sports Council presidents, it reminded me of what an honor it’s been to work with so many dedicated students, whose collective dedication has been instrumental in the development of our Sports Council program. I was beaming with pride when I, along with Drs. Tom Souza, John McDaniel and Rich Robinson, received our awards. As I looked out into the crowd, I thought, ‘This is the perfect mix of the past, present, and future of the best in sports-chiropractic — and how the San Jose Campus Sports Council program has been instrumental in advancing the field.’”

Dr. Robinson (’96) was the founding president of Sports Council in 1994. “The Sports Council at Palmer’s San Jose Campus has become the best such program at any chiropractic college,” he said. “It was great to celebrate with the founding faculty members as well as with fellow Palmer West alumni who served as officers on the first Sports Council executive committee. Plus, it was incredible to catch up with everyone, and celebrate the many achievements of other Palmer West alumni in the world of sports-chiropractic.”

Dr. Jacobs (’97) was the founding vice president. “I was thrilled to return to Palmer West for the Sports Council 20-year anniversary,” he said. ” Reconnecting with classmates and instructors and sharing the continued passion for sports-chiropractic was an amazing experience I won’t soon forget. When we planted the seed of Sports Council in 1994, we could only imagine that it would be continuing as the leader in our profession 20 years later!  Congratulations to all the Sports Council alumni and the current Council officers on a job well done!”

Dr. Alan Sidorsky (’97) was the founding secretary. “To see how the program has grown and continues to be driven over the last 20 years by those at Palmer West who share a similar passion for the field of sports-chiropractic makes me very proud and honored to have been a part of the program from the beginning. I consider myself very privileged to have worked with, and learned from, a great group of people, including Dr. Richard Robinson, Dr. Bill Jacobs, Dr. Robin Kubo, Dr. Feinberg, and Dr. Tom Hyde.  Coming back to reminisce about the time we spent together 20 years ago brought back great memories. A huge heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ to all of those who have been, and continue to be a part of, the Palmer West Sports Council, for continuing its tradition and growth.

Dr. Christian Alvarez (’97) was a founding member and president in 1996. “It is hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the inception of Sports Council,” said Dr. Alvarex. “I was lucky enough to join Sports Council in my first quarter–and I knew that it was something special. During my time as Sport Council president, we initiated steps that ultimately enabled interns to earn clinic credits while volunteering at Sports Council events. I feel this is what solidified the foundation of Sports Council. The program’s popularity grew exponentially, and we had more clinicians and volunteer students than ever before. It is great to see the tradition live on, and continue to thrive. The Palmer West Sports Council has allowed me to follow a path that I now know I was destined to walk.   My chiropractic philosophy, my field experience and how I run my office were all shaped by Sport Council. I am ever grateful to the friends, clinicians and doctors that I have met as a result of my experience with the PCCW Sports Council.

Brandon Thomas is a current student and Sports Council member (2013 co-president, 2014 senior advisor). “It was an honor to be a part of such a legendary program and to get a chance to meet many of the alumni doctors who laid the groundwork as Palmer West students to make the Sports Council program what it is today!” said Brandon.