Precepting, Clinic Abroad and a wedding

These last couple of weeks have been quite busy. Although there hasn’t been anything too out of the ordinary going on, just lots of beginning of the trimester things.

We had a meeting about precepting last week. In tenth trimester you are able to leave campus and go work in a doctor’s office in almost all of the states. Even though that isn’t for another three trimesters, we are supposed to be thinking now about where we want to go and try to contact a couple of doctors in that area and meet with them before we fill out the paperwork and make sure we are eligible.

I’m looking at trying to stay around my hometown or possibly going to Ames or Ankeny (Iowa), which is about three hours from where I am from. I’m going to try and start getting stuff together to contact them this week and get dates set up to meet up with potential doctors so I can have that aspect figured out. I only have about a year left to get everything done, and it’s seeming like I won’t have enough time to do it all. The sooner I get a start the better.

We also have to start thinking about Clinic Abroad, which I would really like to do. I already have a passport and the necessary things for that, but I am only able to go  after next trimester because I am getting married during our ninth trimester break.

So I have three major things to have sorted out within the next year and get to top it all off with board exams. So it’s shaping up to be one busy trimester! Although busy, it will be a lot of fun. A lot of exciting things are happening!