My top 5 reasons for choosing Palmer

Photo by Tim Richardson

Photo by Tim Richardson

I hope that some of you reading this blog are considering coming to Palmer soon. Some of you may already go here, and some of you might know someone that already goes here or is thinking about going here.

I actually started at Palmer in July of 2011 with the undergraduate program. For those of you considering that option, let me help you weigh out the pros and cons.

What is nice about the undergrad program is that you get familiar with the campus before your first day so you’re not lost at 7:30 in the morning looking for CNS. You also start to make friends sooner, so you already have a social network started before you are thrown into a classroom with 100+ people that you don’t know.

You get to start experiencing events on campus sooner and going to clubs. You learn more of the philosophy of chiropractic by being around the upper tri students more. You’ll also build relationships with upper tri students sooner who will be able to provide you with advice and tools that will help you once you’re ready to get started.

The downside to starting with the undergraduate program is you’re away from your family longer. At first you still don’t know anyone (classes are smaller, though, so you get to know the people in your classes better). Lastly, once you actually start the Doctor of Chiropractic program, you feel like you’ve already been here for forever.

I am very happy with my decision to come here early and take undergrad classes. I was able to finish up my bachelor’s degree while in the D.C. program.

Now for those of you that may already have your bachelor’s and are looking to start the D.C. program right away, let me give you the reasons I chose Palmer in Davenport:

1. I was completely blown away at my campus visit. I came to a weekend visit and enjoyed every minute of it. If you haven’t done a campus visit yet, do it!

2. Everyone on campus was so nice and helpful. And guess what? It stays that way after you become a student!

3. This is The Fountainhead, meaning that I can walk six blocks and stand on the exact spot where the first adjustment was given. There is even a plaque on 2nd and Brady streets about it.

4. There are pieces of history in every hallway. On this campus, we get to follow the chiropractic story first-hand, from touring B.J. and Mabel Palmer’s residence (also known as the “Mansion”) to the reading the wise words spoken by famous chiropractors, which are all over the walls (the epigrams have become some of my favorite pieces of Palmer).

5. Every Chiropractor I talked to said that Palmer was the only place worth attending. Doctors that didn’t even graduate from here have been known to say this same thing.

I hope some of these reasons will prompt you to at least come pay us a visit and see it for yourself. You wont regret it!