Class outside!

We had beautiful weather here in Davenport yesterday. It was warm and sunny and the perfect day to not be in class. Unfortunately, we still have to be in class no matter how wonderful the weather is. Luckily my extremities professor also recognized it was a beautiful day, and we had class outside! We picked up our cervical chairs, dragged them outside and did set-ups on the shoulder in the newly-painted courtyard outside the Library.

We went over a couple of different ways to assess the shoulder and a couple of traction moves before we had to go back inside to go over a  supine set up. It was wonderful. I feel like I learn better when I’m in the sunshine and not freezing. Generally it’s pretty cold in the classrooms during the summer. Make sure to have a sweater with you.

Unfortunately, today we weren’t as lucky. It was about 65 degrees today. In mid July. So no class outside today. I didn’t want to go outside at all today. Hopefully the rest of the summer isn’t like this, and we get to have class outside more often. We were promised outdoor classroom as much as possible with weather permitting this trimester in extremities. It’s a nice change from being inside for 9 hours a day.

Summer is almost here!

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Last weekend was the final weekend for my soft tissue elective. We focused on learning Graston soft tissue technique. It’s working the soft tissue with the help of an instrument. There are six really cool instruments you use to work the soft tissue around the area looking for adhesions or tight muscles and working those things out.

It was a really great seminar, and we had a lot of fun. I’m excited to have that asset under my belt, and I’m really excited to be able to start doing it in the clinic. Eventually, I’m going to invest in a set of my own tools. Sunday after class I took a small break and went to my friend’s pool and got a lovely sunburn, so the last couple of days have been a little rough.

Today I took my last practical of the trimester! This means I’m one step closer to finals and summer! This summer, along with doing a few days of job shadowing in an office, I am heading to Florida to see the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I am ready for a vacation, some rest and relaxation before starting clinic and being extremely busy! I will also be scrambling to get stuff done for my wedding, including dress shopping! So maybe I won’t be doing a lot of relaxing.  The rest of the week consists of studying.

Thursday is our study day, so no classes just lots and lots of studying. Friday kicks off finals, which also means goody bags and treats! The best part of finals!


Summer break!

So here IAM a Palmer student, finally living the dream! 2nd trimester begins in July 2013, and I’m currently on summer break for 3 weeks. You may be asking what there is to do here in Iowa, and honestly I haven’t figured that part out– YET–but I will. And when I do you, will be first to know. I’m still in need of my GPS to get around, but I’m getting better, I can now make it to and from Wal-mart without using my GPS.

Due to me failing a few classes and being on reduced schedule, 2nd trimester is going like this:

  • Neuroanatomy
  • Embryology
  • Spinalanatomy
  • Biochemistry

And one or two more courses to even me out around 12-14 credits. You have to maintain 12 credits to be considered full-time and get all your aid.

In the mean time, it’s Saturday and I’m going to enjoy my last few weeks off before I get back into the grind.

– Be blessed…