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Chiropractic meme

What’s “Spizz”? It’s excitement about chiropractic!

We recently had Spizz Night. I was only able to stay for the vendor fair and the dinner before my friends and I left for a girls’ weekend in Wisconsin. Spizz Night went really well, from what I saw. There were a lot of people there. We got into the food line early, but when we were leaving, the food line went all the way to the other side of the building, which I have never seen before.

From what I heard, there were a couple phenomenal speakers there, too. I had a friend say it was one of the best Spizz Nights she had been to. The tacos were delicious, like always. There were several clubs there again. They were also doing a coat drive; if you brought a gently-used coat, you could get put in a drawing for a portable adjusting table, which is pretty cool.

I was there working at the Sigma Phi Chi information booth. We had a lot of people come by. There were several visiting potential students there, too. There must have been a campus visit going on that weekend (there was the next day). From what I heard from the visiting students, they seemed to be having a good time.

My friends and I left at about 5:30 p.m. to head to Wisconsin to do some shopping and just hangout with my friend’s family. It was a nice break before our OSCE exams. I have my radiology part next week and the clinical part the first week of December. So I have to start studying for that really soon!

Who’s Spizzed up?

Spine prize

Spine prize

PSAF put on their trimesterly event last Friday, Spizz Night. Spizz stands for Spizzerinctum, a word B.J. Palmer made popular to mean enthusiasm or excitement about chiropractic. Usually the event includes two speakers from out in the field to tell the students about their philosophy and things they have come across in practice and get us all fired up as the trimester starts.

This Spizz Night had the same idea, but the first round of speakers were part of our own student body who are competing in the Talk the Tic competition. We had three finalists in this round and all did an amazing job. The winner gets sent to Life College in Atlanta to compete for the Talk the Tic title. This year we sent our very own Jenny Lane. I wish her great luck in Atlanta. I know she will represent Palmer well. We also had a doctor from out in the field come and talk with us. He is the father of another student here at Palmer. It was also a very great talk.

Earlier in the event there was a vendor fair. There were several groups on campus talking to students about their clubs. There were also booths set up for the undergraduate studies, Advocare and Standard Process. PSAF also provided everyone with dinner … a delicious taco bar.

There was a pretty good turn out this trimester for the event, and I had a very good time, despite not winning anything (prize give-aways). I don’t think I’ve won anything anytime I’ve gone to Spizz Night. That doesn’t stop me, though, because I always enjoy being there and always seem to get something out of the great speakers they bring in. I did have two friends that won prizes. One won $50 cash and the other won a goodie bag from Standard Process, equipped with a back massager, a cold/hot pack and some vitamins. They also had prizes of gift cards and various other items, and every year they raffle off a spine for one of the first trimester students.

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Students ‘Talk the TIC’

This video features James Palmer III, who is one of the three finalists heading to the next round.

(written 5/28) We just finished up with “Talk the TIC”–a competition where students present on communicating what chiropractic is and what it does. Basically, it’s your health talk and how you share the benefits of chiropractic with patients and others.

All of the speakers did a wonderful job. We had one student from first trimester, two from second trimester, one from fourth, four from fifth, and one from eighth trimester. So we had a good variety with a lot of perspectives and from all stages of the program.

Everyone had really great messages to bring to the table. Everyone had good points and things to consider when educating patients. There was a great response from the Palmer students, too. The Student Union was full, and people were even sitting on the floor. I think it brought some good philosophy and spizz to the group.

One of the speakers even brought B.J. Palmer along with her for support! (A cut-out, of course.) We had great demonstrations using safety pins, three legged stools and full spines.

Snacks were also provided. I had delicious cookie crackers and a granola bar. Which means we had free lunch and free snacks today, with a side spizz. That makes for a good day.

Now I mentioned in my last post that my friend was competing. She ended up having to give her talk first, and she did wonderfully. I am very proud of her. All the contestants did a very good job, and I am proud of all of them.

So the next round happens at Spizz Night at the beginning of next trimester (July 11). Originally there were only supposed to be two people presenting at Spizz Night but we had a tie for second place tonight, so three people are going to Spizz.

The three finalist were Shaylyn Weber (6th tri), Jenny Lane (4th tri), and James Palmer III (8th tri). Come out to Spizz night and cheer these three on and see who we get to send to Georgia!