First side posture adjustment!

Yesterday was another exciting day! I got to adjust in pelvic again! We had just learned side posture, so I figured I would give that a go after my initial work up and determining that my patient was in fact subluxated.

Side posture is challenging, but I had the assisting doctor in our class walking me through it. On the first attempt, I had a good thrust but poor control over my patients thigh. On the second attempt, I had fixed my control but had a lousy thrust. On the third attempt, I was able to equal both out and my patient said she felt it move! I am hoping that’s the case and she isn’t just trying to be nice!

Nonetheless, it was really exciting and I’m happy I was able to have the opportunity to try out side posture in the classroom in a controlled situation with feed back before I got into clinic and had to try it on one of my patients–and literally have no idea what I’m suppose to be doing or what the adjustment even feels like when I am doing it.

As this week comes to and end and with next week being a short week before finals (and I know I’ve said it a million times), things are really coming into perspective for me. I have finished more trimesters than I have left. That’s crazy to think about. My time here has gone so fast and has been so incredible. I’ve learned so much and have done so much and there’s still so much to learn and so much to do.

This trimester seriously has been the quickest one yet, and it’s a terrifying thought if the next four are going to go that fast because I can’t help but think, “What do I do when I am done?” But I have confidence that I will be prepared when I walk out of those doors as a doctor for whatever comes my way.