Day off? No thanks!

Cervical X-rayWe had yesterday off due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but that doesn’t mean it was spent sitting on the couch watching TV and playing on the Internet–at least not for the most part.

My friends and I got together to practice some cervical set-ups and prepare for our practicals this week. We have offically learned all of the set-ups we will learn for cervical adjusting, and we are being tested over them this week to get ready for our clinical basic testing, in which we will do full work-ups on our classmates and hopefully get to adjust their cervical subluxations.

Sometimes there is no better help than your peers. There were six of us that got together. Two people doing the set-ups, two patients and two people asking possible questions we could get during the practical. This is my favorite way to study. You get advice from students that have been learning the same things you are and that have had the same complications with the set-ups, and they’re able to tell you what works better for them or critque you on what you can do to make your set-up better for your patients.

And, of course, getting together with a group of friends is always a good time.