More on Halloween



The night before Halloween was trick-or-treat in Davenport. Some friends and I decided to hand out candy over at the sorority house. We had a pretty good turn-out. The church across the street was doing a trunk-or-treat event so they sent a lot of their trick-or-treaters over to us.

I think we ended up having a little over 30 kids come trick-or-treat. We had a whole variety of costumes come through. A few princesses, ninjas, Power Rangers, superheroes. Kids in regular clothes saying they are wearing costumes but they actually weren’t. It was a lot of fun, though. I usually don’t get to participate in a lot of Halloween activities so I was excited that this year I was able to.

On the actual Halloween my friends and I all dressed up as characters from the Batman series. I went as Poison Ivy. We also had Batman, Robin and Bane. We stopped by a friend’s house for a small get together before we headed downtown to participate in all the fun Halloween madness. It was a lot of fun.

That Saturday was the welcome to the new trimester party over at DDPi It’s a highlighter/masquerade get-together. It was a good time. The decorations were great and really in the Halloween spirit!