Boards are over!

Boards are finally over. Things are officially starting to slow down for this trimester, and I am finally able to get back to a normal routine.

We took National Boards test last weekend. It was, as Boards normally are, exhausting. I tested Friday through Sunday, and we got a rest day on Monday (no classes). So this week was a short week, but I came back to two patients a day, two tests and a couple practicals and quizzes, so it was still pretty busy.

Yesterday was Founder’s Day! Happy 119 years to chiropractic! The school had a little celebration today. I was not able to attend on account of having to cram for my test today.

Within the last two weeks not much has really been happening besides a lot of studying and preparation. Now that that is over, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and trying to remember how to study for regular exams!

I was able to make it back to hot yoga this week, but I still haven’t gotten caught up on sleep! This weekend I am headed to Ames/Des Moines to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my cousin. I think we are also going to go to a world food and music festival, so that should be a nice treat!


Ain’t that a kick in the head!

Pow! Right to the face!

Pow! Right to the face!

This has been my second official week in the student clinic. It has been very, very busy. I can’t tell you much about seeing patients, but I will say it has been a really nice change. It’s really cool to finally be putting it all together and working in the clinic. It’s crazy to think I’m already here. I’ve said this many times, but it seem like just last week I was starting first trimester.

So I have to tell a small story about my first patient experience. She told me I have to write about it in this blog or she would be really upset. I won’t give out much information because of the very important HIPPA laws, but I can tell you sort of what happened.

So everything was going smoothly. Her previous intern was in there to show me the ropes and give me some pointers, which was very nice. After I had done my work-up and was getting ready to get the table set-up how I wanted for maximum mechanical advantage. Basically, at this point, I was lowering the leg raiser bar. I bent down slightly to grab it, and she must have realized what I was doing … and in an effort to help me out, she lifted her legs and kicked me right in my face!

She said, “Was that your face?” I calmly responded, “Yup, that was my face,” and we laughed for a least 10 minutes about it. It has now become an ongoing joke every time I see her. It was incredibly funny and a great story to tell for my  first patient encounter. Luckily, she didn’t kick me too hard. It didn’t hurt, and I was left unscathed, but just a heads-up if you’re going to move a leg raiser bar, stay out of the kick zone.

Fortunately, I haven’t been kicked again. I’d say I learned from that mistake. Regardless, it has been a lot of fun, and I’m excited to be seeing patients everyday.


BaconPalooza … and studying for boards

Burlington BaconPalooza

News clipping featuring my bacon-eating friend, Dave.

Last weekend was the first weekend I was able to get away from school for a little bit in about a month, so I went back home to spend some time with family.

We had a very belated birthday party for me and my soon-to-be sister-in-law. It was nice to be able to have a a family get-together after such a busy month of school and clinic preparations.

Saturday a couple friends from school drove down to Burlington to join me at the first ever Burlington BaconPalooza for all things bacon-related. We had bacon mac and cheese, bacon poppers, bacon cookies, bacon tater tots, flavored bacon, bacon popcorn and bacon-wrapped meat. The best part was when my friend, Dave Connick (6th trimester), entered the bacon-eating contest. He was challenged to eat pounds of bacon in five minutes. Without any doubt he, of course, won. He took home the trophy and a bag of bacon-flavored popcorn that was the size of me.

Is this bacon heaven? No, it's Iowa.

Is this bacon heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

It was a lot of fun and nice for me because it took place in my hometown, but it was also not too far away so my friends from Davenport could come down and enjoy the festivities.

Saturday night was just as exciting. I had a family get-together will all of my family members that I don’t get to see very often, plus a cousin I had never met before. I left after the get-together to get back to Davenport so I could get in some quality boards studying on Sunday.

That’s exactly what I did all day. Granted, I didn’t wake up until after 1 p.m., but from then on, I studied most of the day. Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve been doing with my free time this week. Can’t study too much for boards, that’s for sure.


The weekend I met a cool Palmer grad … and the butter cow

Last weekend I took a personal weekend and headed to Des Moines. It was the last weekend I could do something fun before boards studying is really looming over my head. Even though it was suppose to be a fun weekend to get away from school and take things easy I ended up studying for boards on the drive to Des Moines anyway.

I also made a pit stop to meet with a Palmer graduate that practices in Altoona. She has an incredible semi-open adjusting practice, which means she does all of her adjusting out in an open area with just small dividers. The office was beautiful.

She talked to my fiance and I for about an hour and a half about how she runs her office and chiropractic. It was an amazing experience. Palmer really does produce some incredible chiropractors. I was extremely thankful she met me on a Saturday after office hours and took the time to talk with me and show me around. I am going to go back over the October break to see her in action.

The real reason we went to Des Moines was for the Iowa State Fair. It’s the biggest fair in Iowa, and even though I have lived in Iowa my entire life, I had never been before.

There was so much to do, see and eat. We saw a pig that weighed 1,200+ pounds and a bull that was probably two times that size. We saw the butter cow and various other butter sculptures. We did a lot of walking and looking at the exhibits and competitions.

We didn’t eat anything too exotic. I’m not sure how I feel about deep fried cupcakes, Twinkies and bacon, so I had to pass. There was also peanut butter and jelly on a stick, salad on a stick and any type of meat you could ever want, also on a stick.

It was a really great time, a good way to kick off the busy month ahead.


Palmer takes ALS ice bucket challenge!

Davenport ALS ice bucket challenge

Davenport ALS ice bucket challenge

The Palmer Clinics have completed the ALS challenge! There were 9 participants from various departments of the Palmer Clinic that took part in the challenge. We had several other faculty, staff and students that showed up to cheer them on and stay dry.

The challenged started out with Dr. Boesch just giving a little education on ALS and how debilitating it is. This challenge has gotten a lot of publicity in the last couple months, and education and awareness is very important when dealing with a severe disease that many people aren’t familiar with.

Everyone in the challenge donated money to the cause as well as the spectators. Each person also called out several other people to complete the challenge many of them from other departments on campus so we may be seeing more Palmer ALS challenges here in the next couple of days. Each participant took it very well. Dr. Barber showed up in her snorkle and floaties because, well … safety first. Meanwhile Dr. Pavlicek threw his arms in the air to celebrate this accomplishment.

If you want to donate to an amazing cause you can follow the link below and show support for ALS or donate to any worthy charity!

Way to go, Palmer! I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the community that reaches out and shows support for what’s important.

To see a video of Palmer’s ice bucket challenge on the Davenport Campus (and one from the Port Orange Campus in Florida), click here.


My first adjustment in clinic!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. We had an exam at 7:30 a.m. and then standard classes the rest of the day. I was not looking forward to it because we also have board review this week, which means I am in class from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. for the rest of the week.

Now I know you’re, like, “Uh, she said this was an exciting day. This does not sound exciting yet.” Well, the exciting stuff happened at the end of the day!

We have been working on reciprocal work in our clinical methods class, which is a class we take to prepare ourselves for clinic. Reciprocal work is doing everything we would do in clinic with a patient, except you’re doing it on a classmate.

Well, yesterday and today were the adjusting days. So we got into the AHC (Academic Health Center), which is where my partner and I were assigned, and it was the first time I had ever been down there. We were working under my AHC staff doctor, which was cool because I got to meet her and actually work under her for the day. It was the first clinical type adjusting situation I’ve been in.

So I took the history on my patient, did the evaluation, found her subluxation, called the staff doctor in and told her I was ready. She said, “Okay great, go ahead.” It was C3 body right. I did supine diversifed, and I got it in the first try! It was so cool!

I was nervous because it was the first time I was being watched by a staff doctor in the actual clinic. She seemed to have full confidence in what I was doing when I wasn’t 100% sure I had full confidence in myself. And I did it. My patient even told me she couldn’t tell that I was nervous. She said it was a great adjustment and was jealous that I got it on the first try.

I thought I was going to be a lot more stressed out than I actually was … just because when you’re adjusting in class on adjusting days, you’re in front of your teachers who you’ve spent a whole trimester with and kind of know and you’re still nervous to have them watch you. And, here in this situation, I’m working under someone I’ve never met who has more confidence in me than I do, and I don’t come off as nervous at all. It just shows that we’re getting more confortable in our abilities and our capabilities.

After class was over, I rushed over to the CHC (Campus Health Center, the student clinic) to observe an appointment for a patient I’ll be taking over once we clear. So that was even more exciting, getting to be in the clinic setting with your patients, seeing their care and knowing that pretty soon you’ll be adjusting them, too.

The appointment ran a little long, so I was about a half hour late to board review and starving. Luckily my wonderful best friend brought me Jimmy Johns so I could make it through the rest of the night. Tonight I have another patient to observe during my clinic shift and more board review. It’s a busy and long week here at Palmer!


Homecoming’s over … time to study!

Homecoming has come to an end. It was an extremely fun week with so much to do. It wasn’t until Friday that I noticed the “take a selfie here” signs, and I was going to try and find them all to take pictures with, but I ran out of time and was only able to get three of them.

Yesterday morning the sisters of Sigma Phi Chi gathered for their annual Dr. Esther Mork Hat & Tea party. This year’s theme was sorority safari. We all dressed in sundresses and big hats and had lunch. We had some alumni come back and talk with us about what they’ve been doing and what they plan on doing in years to come. Afterwords I went and had second lunch in the expo,! I didn’t want to miss out on the all the food!

After all the lectures and activities, everyone gathered for a festival outside the Academic Health Center. There was food, dinner, dancing and a live band. The food was delicious, and there was a tent just for dessert. There were fancy cupcakes, which I didn’t end up trying but everyone said they were delicious. I could only identify the peanut butter cup one. There was also bananas foster ice cream sundaes. I definitely had to try one of those, and I wasn’t disappointed. The decorations were very nice, and it looked like everyone was having a really good time. The band was great, they played a whole variety of music with a lot of great songs. We danced a lot, there were even a couple dance circles. We also had fireworks to finish off the night. Afterwords, we headed over to the DDPi (Delta Delta Pi) house to continue the festivities and hangout with friends.

Sunday morning started the first day of NBS board review, so after a fairly late night and a very busy week I was in class from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. This also means for the next week I will be in class from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. most days of the week. I also have to start getting paperwork started for the clinic, and then we get cleared to start taking over patients. It will be a very busy week.


Day one of Homecoming!

Heritage Courtyard from a different angle.

Heritage Courtyard from a different angle.

Day one of Homecoming came to an end. It was a very successful and exciting day. I attended the Heritage Endowment scholarship luncheon in the morning. It was a luncheon to recognize all the people that have given scholarship money to the school as well as the students that have recieved the scholarships. It also gives the students an opportunity to meet with the people that made the scholarship they received possible. It was a very delicious lunch and everyone was having fun.

After the speech from 9th trimester student Jennifer Green, we tried to start a “flash mob” of thank yous for the donors. So the table I was at started, and we stood up and said “Thank you, donors.” Unfortunately, people were still clapping from Jennifer’s speech, so we weren’t sure they heard us. So only, like, three other tables followed our lead. We gave it our best, and I think they got the idea.

Right after that, the Palmer Spine showed up  and performed a dance to the song “Happy” for us. It was a gift from the men’s and women’s rugby teams. They did a wonderful job. I think everyone was surprised and really enjoyed it.

I got to talk with  quite a few alumni, which was really cool. And I even got to set up an office visit with a doctor in the Altoona area. That is pretty close to Des Moines about 2 and a half hours from the quad citites. It was a wonderful experience, which will hopefully lead to many more really great experiences.

After the luncheon, I stopped over by the Sigma Phi Chi mansion for a little sister bonding before heading over to the vendor expo in the gym. With our Homecoming ticket every year the school gives out a little gift for attending Homecoming. The first year I went, we got insulated lunch bags. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go last year, so I’m not sure what the gift was.

This year, the gift was amazing and exactly what I needed, so for that I am thankful. Annnnnndddd the gift wasssssss … a portable phone charging stick! Excellent because my phone is never charged it seems.

I spent some time around the vendor fair checking out what everyone has to offer. There were a lot of different companies there giving out a lot of different things. I got brochures, T-shirts, pencils, highlighters, candy and protein bars. Definitely worth checking out.

After the vendor fair I had full intentions of trying to catch some of the speakers, but it seemed like small things kept coming up. The topics I was interested had all ready started and I missed them. I am hoping to be able to make some today.

The first year I came to Homecoming, I went to a class every hour they were offered. I was in first trimester, so most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about, but it was still really interesting and really cool. I was hoping to being able to get to some today when I will actually be able to follow the lecture.

Let the second day of Homecoming get started!


I finished the Activator elective!

We finished up our Activator elective two weekends ago. It was only two weekends early on in the trimester, which was really nice because I will already be equipped to use it in the clinic when we are cleared August 18.

It was a good weekend. We spent Saturday mostly reviewing and brushing up on all the skills we had learned the previous weekend and preparing for the practical and written test we were going to have the following day. Saturday was also the Bix 7 race. It started at the same time our class started, but as a class we all went out to watch the start of it and see everyone  run up Brady Street. I’ve seen the race twice now since I’ve been here, and it’s a really cool experience.

There were a couple people from my class that decided to run the course, but I didn’t get to see them. I didn’t get to stick around to see the Palmer Spine, either, which I heard was really cool and everyone did an awesome job. The pictures I saw looked really good! I had a couple friends participate in that this year. I have always wanted to but just never found the time.

We were in class all day Saturday just perfecting our technique, then came back bright and early Sunday to start the testing process. We reviewed for a little bit more on Sunday morning, then we were tested over the practical portion. We took the written portion shortly after. We were told everyone did very well. Then for about another hour he gave us a sneak peak into the next level of the course. It was a very interesting elective with a lot of good information. I am glad I took it and glad I will have that skill set for clinic and my own practice.

Precepting, Clinic Abroad and a wedding

These last couple of weeks have been quite busy. Although there hasn’t been anything too out of the ordinary going on, just lots of beginning of the trimester things.

We had a meeting about precepting last week. In tenth trimester you are able to leave campus and go work in a doctor’s office in almost all of the states. Even though that isn’t for another three trimesters, we are supposed to be thinking now about where we want to go and try to contact a couple of doctors in that area and meet with them before we fill out the paperwork and make sure we are eligible.

I’m looking at trying to stay around my hometown or possibly going to Ames or Ankeny (Iowa), which is about three hours from where I am from. I’m going to try and start getting stuff together to contact them this week and get dates set up to meet up with potential doctors so I can have that aspect figured out. I only have about a year left to get everything done, and it’s seeming like I won’t have enough time to do it all. The sooner I get a start the better.

We also have to start thinking about Clinic Abroad, which I would really like to do. I already have a passport and the necessary things for that, but I am only able to go  after next trimester because I am getting married during our ninth trimester break.

So I have three major things to have sorted out within the next year and get to top it all off with board exams. So it’s shaping up to be one busy trimester! Although busy, it will be a lot of fun. A lot of exciting things are happening!