My addiction … cookies

imageI  need to take a minute to tell you all about one of my favorite things on campus. The chocolate chip cookies! Not the cookies in the cafeteria, which are also quite delicious but the cookies they sell in the Student Union Starbucks Cafe.

These chocolate chip cookies are the perfectly soft and taste exactly like cookie dough. I have no idea how they make them so perfect, which is probably a good thing because I would make them and eat a dozen a day. I already eat more than I probably should, and being as they are larger than the average cookie, I need to limit mysef.

It never fails, everytime I see them resting on the counter, I have to get one. Today, for example, I made an extra trip home to get money just so I could have one. I justified it today because I am going to step aerobics tonight, so I pre-earned it?

I may be crazy saying it, but I’m pretty sure they are probably the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. They also sell monster cookies, which everyone says are super good monster cookies. I personally am not a huge fan of monster cookies.

So whichever you prefer, I suggest you try one of these cookies. Everyone deserves a little treat now and then. Just be prepared to get addicted!


Crockpot freezer meals make student life easier :)

Photo from

Photo from

I wanted to share with you all something I tried out recently. I got the idea from a friend, and it’s quite brilliant. They’re pre-prepared crockpot freezer meals. This is perfect for everyone, but especially students like us who are in school literally all day and are just exhausted. Once we get home, cooking is the last thing we want to do.

The website I used had a printable grocery list with everything you would need to make eight crock pot meals separated into the category in which department you would find the ingrediants. All of the meals looked delicious, so my fiance and I decided to make all eight, and it only took a little over an hour. We split each recipe up so we each could have one bag of each meal, and it was more than enough for the both of us.

Today I made the first of the lot, it was beef stew one of my favorites. I thawed it out in the refriderator last night and this morning threw it in the crockpot until I would get home tonight to eat it. I didn’t realize how nice it is getting home from a long day at school with dinner already ready to eat right when I walk in the door. This could quite possibly be one of the best ideas I was ever given.

I suggest everyone try it you can find recipes online, Pinterest or try out the ones I made at Another great thing, Now I don’t have to worry about what to pack for lunch tomorrow, because I plan on packing my left overs! You can also free up that time you normally would have spent cooking and use it for some extra studying time … or not.  😉