PSAF Jeopardy

Jeopardy time

Jeopardy time

PSAF (Palmer Student Alumni Foundation) put on a Jeopardy game during our 9:20 a.m. club hour. It was $1 to get in, and the proceeds went to a scholarship fund.

Our contestants were Dr. Torgerud and Dr. Freedman representing the first years. Dr. Littrell and Dr. Firth representing the second years, and Dr. Quist and Dr. Silverman representing the third years. Our “Alex Trebek” was Dr. Barber.

The contestants fought tirelessly trying to rack their brains on chiropractic history (which close to none of the questions were answered correctly), X-rays and anatomy, song bytes, Quad Cities facts, a special category all about Dr. Weinert (in which Dr. Freedman answered all but one question correctly and on the last one confused Dr. Wienerts favorite drink of Diet Mt. Dew for just plain ol’ Mt. Dew). The last category was a miscellaneous category covering a wide variety of topics such as what is the name of the piece of skin covering the elecronon process? None of our constestants could come up with the correct answer of weenis, which consequently led to a lot of weenis jokes.

Jeopardy team

Jeopardy team

We also got a couple sneak peak karaoke demonstrations by a few of the contestants. Freeman sang some of “I Will Survive” for  a couple extra points. Dr. Quist started singing the national anthem at some point, and Dr. Torgerud finished us off with a taste of “Let it Go” from “Frozen.”

It seemed like most of the game the Torgerud/Freedman team were in the negatives, then the Weinert category came up and they pulled it together just to fall back behind. The Firth/Littrell team pulled strong the whole game, and ended up taking the trophy. The final scores came out to be Team 1 with -5,199 points, Team 2 with 4,950 points and Team 3 with -19,900. Yesm those points are correct but only because teams one and three we’re using borrowed money during final jeopardy.

All the contestants played well, and we had a great time testing their knowledge!


Exams, TIC and Faculty Appreciation Day

(written 5/28/14) We had a long weekend last weekend it having been Memorial Day weekend. I spent the weekend doing a lot of napping and very little studying. I had all intentions of using our extra day for extra studying, but it ended up being incredibly hot in my apartment, so I decided sleeping most of the day was more appealing.

The majority of our testing is done, just a few more practicals and quizzes left, and then we set into finals. I will start studying for those sometime this week. Although with this week being a short week, I’m losing track of time more quickly and less studying gets done. Either way, it was nice to have a little bit of a break before I need to jump into the hectic week that we call finals.

Today was Faculty Appreciation Day, which means not only do we get to recognize the important people on this campus that make this program possible, we also got free food! It was awesome, and I ate way too much. On today’s menu we had chicken and burgers. Three different types of burgers turkey, beef and black bean. The turkey burger and chicken were delicious. We also got salad and a bag of chips, which were also just as equally as good.

Tonight is the “Talk the TIC” competition where students get up in front of the student body and give a 10-minute talk about chiropractic and health. The students that attend get to vote on a winner, then the finalists get to present at Spizz Night, and the winner at Spizz gets to go on to compete against other schools in Atlanta, Ga. I will not be competing, but I have a friend that is, so I will be there to cheer everyone on and come back to tell all of you about it. I believe there are nine students competing, and I know a few of them personally and think they will all do very well.

Only 2 weeks and one day until SUMMER!!!


Study or learn about vaccinations?

Last Friday I was going to go to Animal Chiropractic Club but realized I had a quiz and decided I should probably study for that. Then someone told me Dr. Michelle Barber was speaking on vaccines for Pediatrics Club, so I was conflicted and decided to go listen to Dr. Barber.

She’s one of the professors on campus and teaches microbiology, public health and toxicology. She’s a wonderful speaker and always has really great information and great things to say. Every time I’ve heard her speak somewhere I’ve learned something new and always take away something really valuable. There was a really great turn-out for her discussion, which will be in two parts. The second part is Friday at the 9:20 club hour.

Vaccination is always a touchy subject among our profession, and all I want to say is make sure to gather as much information and learn as much as you can to back whatever your stance is on the subject. There’s always stuff to learn on any topic, and this tends to be one that people have very strong opinions about. It’s just important that you have good research and good knowledge to back your point of view.

But that’s beside the point. What is really awesome is that we have such supporting faculty that even in their spare hours they are still willing to come and teach us about things they have researched. What’s even more amazing is the amount of people who are on a break are still so eager to learn that they sit through more lectures, gathering more information to make them the best doctors they can be.

It’s just really cool to be somewhere where the faculty genuinely cares about the students enough to give up their free time for the students. Dr. Barber is also shaving her head to raise money for children with cancer, which is really cool. Palmer is full of remarkable people, and I couldn’t be more proud of where I am.