AHC, here I come!

Academic Health Center, aka the AHC

Academic Health Center, aka the AHC

This trimester we have to complete a few rotations and do observations in the AHC (Academic Health Center) before we clear for Level II clinic. We have to go observe in the rehab department, the front desk and the outreach clinic. I have all of those scheduled for the first week of December.

I went in an observed patient care under my staff doctor this week for a couple hours. It was really cool getting in there and seeing the differences between how the clinics work. It’s weird to think in less than a month I’ll be over in that clinic working with outpatients. I think that was one of the most interesting things I observed. We get so use to being in our close-knit community here at Palmer surrounded by people that are on the same page as us and understand what we say and the things we’re doing. When you work with outpatients, they haven’t had the exposure to chiropractic that the patients in the CHC (Campus Health Center) have–because the patients there are mainly students. So they don’t always understand what’s going on, and it takes a little extra explanation that we’re not use to giving.

I am excited to start over there and get that whole new experience. It’s amazing how quickly things are going, and I can’t believe that I graduate in less than a year. It’s hard to think of this point when you first start, but now that I am here, it seems like the last two plus years didn’t even happen. Just enjoy the experience and take in as much as you can, because before you know it, it will gone.


Clinic Abroad is getting closer!

Getting ready to fly

Getting ready to fly

We had our first Clinic Abroad meeting of the trimester. We got information on where we’re going financial aid information and our itinerary. In total, to get to Bequia and back, we will be taking nine different flights and possibly a boat ride! A lot of people are a litttle uneasy about it. I’m excited. I love everything about traveling, even the airports.

We got to see pictures of the places we will be adjusting … and the place in which we’ll spend the most time overlooks the ocean! We will also be visiting a lot of schools during the day and taking care of a lot of preschool children. I am excited and nervous at the same time. We haven’t gotten a lot of hands-on experience with small children, so it will be a complete learning experience.



We get a couple free days to go and do as we please, and one day we’re going to go on a boat cruise! Bequia is also one of the last countries where whaling is legal, and we will be there during whaling season. I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about this. I thoroughly enjoy whales, but this is part of their culture and they aren’t doing it for sport. We were told the island is full of whale bones and there are even restaraunts that have them on display. That I’m looking forward to quite a bit because, even though the fate of the whale was unfortunate, who wouldn’t want to see whale bones? I can’t believe we leave in 3 months! It came up so quickly. I really just can’t wait to be adjusting all day and changing some lives!

Planning for the future

Is Florida in my future?

Is Florida in my future?

I wrote this on the second day of classes of my 8th trimester here at Palmer. It seems hard to believe. My schedule this tri is also a little unbelievable.

Most days we’re done by noon. Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’re done at about 3 p.m., and Monday I only have one class. I was told this time would come where we wouldn’t be in class from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. straight, but as I got further into the program, I got less and less hopeful that I would see it. But, alas, I have reached it and it’s beautiful.

The first half of the trimester we’re still in the CHC (Campus Health Center, the student clinic), so we can’t get into clinic until later in the day. So we are still in clinic until about 7 p.m., but it seems we’ll have a little more time to do other things this trimester. We clear for the AHC (Academic Health Center, where our outpatient clinic is located) in mid December. Then, whenever I’m in not in class, I will be over in the outpatient clinic, but I still get a couple months of smooth sailing.

Being in clinic is enjoyable and doesn’t feel like school, so I don’t mind being there. It’s also only the second day, so I really have no idea how the trimester is going to go. All I know is we are transitioning into clinic phase, and I am excited for that. We also have to start thinking seriously about precepting and finding doctors that are willing to host an intern.

I am Florida bound! I emailed several doctors yesterday in Pasco County. I’m just waiting to hear back, and if I have no success I shall look around Orlando. I’m excited to be able to start looking and talking with potential doctors in that area. I feel like I don’t have much time to get it done, though.

Trying to find time to get to Florida to meet with doctors has become an issue, since over our next break I’ll be in Bequia for the Clinic Abroad Program! That’s okay, though. I’ll get it all figured out, and I’m excited about it all. There are a lot of good things coming along in the next year and I can’t wait to see where my chiropractic journey takes me!


Flip! I’m going to be in clinic more than classrooms

We went on a clinic tour of the Academic Health Center (better known as the AHC) with our new staff doctors. This gave us an opportunity to meet our staff doctor and ask them a few questions. It’s a little weird already going into Level One clinic. Most days I forget I’m not in first trimester anymore. It’s weird saying I’m going into eight tri when people ask.

The great news is my schedule for next trimester is beautiful. Most days I’m done by noon except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have class until 2:45, which is still way better than 3:40 like the last seven trimesters! On Mondays, I only have one class and it’s a lab! It’s going to be sooo nice not having to be in class all day then go to clinic for four hours after eight hours of sitting in a classroom. This is the trimester where it flips. We’re in clinic more than we’re in class, which is definitely preferred.

So anyway we got a tour of the outpatient clinic and saw where we were going to be spending most of our time. It was really helpful, even though I’m sure when it comes time, I’m still going to have no idea where to find anything. So if you see me running around frantically, I’m probably lost. I usually am.

It was really cool getting a glimpse of what is to come. There is a lot to be excited about within the next year!


Ain’t that a kick in the head!

Pow! Right to the face!

Pow! Right to the face!

This has been my second official week in the student clinic. It has been very, very busy. I can’t tell you much about seeing patients, but I will say it has been a really nice change. It’s really cool to finally be putting it all together and working in the clinic. It’s crazy to think I’m already here. I’ve said this many times, but it seem like just last week I was starting first trimester.

So I have to tell a small story about my first patient experience. She told me I have to write about it in this blog or she would be really upset. I won’t give out much information because of the very important HIPPA laws, but I can tell you sort of what happened.

So everything was going smoothly. Her previous intern was in there to show me the ropes and give me some pointers, which was very nice. After I had done my work-up and was getting ready to get the table set-up how I wanted for maximum mechanical advantage. Basically, at this point, I was lowering the leg raiser bar. I bent down slightly to grab it, and she must have realized what I was doing … and in an effort to help me out, she lifted her legs and kicked me right in my face!

She said, “Was that your face?” I calmly responded, “Yup, that was my face,” and we laughed for a least 10 minutes about it. It has now become an ongoing joke every time I see her. It was incredibly funny and a great story to tell for my  first patient encounter. Luckily, she didn’t kick me too hard. It didn’t hurt, and I was left unscathed, but just a heads-up if you’re going to move a leg raiser bar, stay out of the kick zone.

Fortunately, I haven’t been kicked again. I’d say I learned from that mistake. Regardless, it has been a lot of fun, and I’m excited to be seeing patients everyday.


Palmer takes ALS ice bucket challenge!

Davenport ALS ice bucket challenge

Davenport ALS ice bucket challenge

The Palmer Clinics have completed the ALS challenge! There were 9 participants from various departments of the Palmer Clinic that took part in the challenge. We had several other faculty, staff and students that showed up to cheer them on and stay dry.

The challenged started out with Dr. Boesch just giving a little education on ALS and how debilitating it is. This challenge has gotten a lot of publicity in the last couple months, and education and awareness is very important when dealing with a severe disease that many people aren’t familiar with.

Everyone in the challenge donated money to the cause as well as the spectators. Each person also called out several other people to complete the challenge many of them from other departments on campus so we may be seeing more Palmer ALS challenges here in the next couple of days. Each participant took it very well. Dr. Barber showed up in her snorkle and floaties because, well … safety first. Meanwhile Dr. Pavlicek threw his arms in the air to celebrate this accomplishment.

If you want to donate to an amazing cause you can follow the link below and show support for ALS or donate to any worthy charity!


Way to go, Palmer! I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the community that reaches out and shows support for what’s important.

To see a video of Palmer’s ice bucket challenge on the Davenport Campus (and one from the Port Orange Campus in Florida), click here.


My first adjustment in clinic!

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. We had an exam at 7:30 a.m. and then standard classes the rest of the day. I was not looking forward to it because we also have board review this week, which means I am in class from 7:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. for the rest of the week.

Now I know you’re, like, “Uh, she said this was an exciting day. This does not sound exciting yet.” Well, the exciting stuff happened at the end of the day!

We have been working on reciprocal work in our clinical methods class, which is a class we take to prepare ourselves for clinic. Reciprocal work is doing everything we would do in clinic with a patient, except you’re doing it on a classmate.

Well, yesterday and today were the adjusting days. So we got into the AHC (Academic Health Center), which is where my partner and I were assigned, and it was the first time I had ever been down there. We were working under my AHC staff doctor, which was cool because I got to meet her and actually work under her for the day. It was the first clinical type adjusting situation I’ve been in.

So I took the history on my patient, did the evaluation, found her subluxation, called the staff doctor in and told her I was ready. She said, “Okay great, go ahead.” It was C3 body right. I did supine diversifed, and I got it in the first try! It was so cool!

I was nervous because it was the first time I was being watched by a staff doctor in the actual clinic. She seemed to have full confidence in what I was doing when I wasn’t 100% sure I had full confidence in myself. And I did it. My patient even told me she couldn’t tell that I was nervous. She said it was a great adjustment and was jealous that I got it on the first try.

I thought I was going to be a lot more stressed out than I actually was … just because when you’re adjusting in class on adjusting days, you’re in front of your teachers who you’ve spent a whole trimester with and kind of know and you’re still nervous to have them watch you. And, here in this situation, I’m working under someone I’ve never met who has more confidence in me than I do, and I don’t come off as nervous at all. It just shows that we’re getting more confortable in our abilities and our capabilities.

After class was over, I rushed over to the CHC (Campus Health Center, the student clinic) to observe an appointment for a patient I’ll be taking over once we clear. So that was even more exciting, getting to be in the clinic setting with your patients, seeing their care and knowing that pretty soon you’ll be adjusting them, too.

The appointment ran a little long, so I was about a half hour late to board review and starving. Luckily my wonderful best friend brought me Jimmy Johns so I could make it through the rest of the night. Tonight I have another patient to observe during my clinic shift and more board review. It’s a busy and long week here at Palmer!


My first clinic shift

I had my first clinic shift yesterday from 3:45 p.m. until 5 p.m. Right now we are just doing more observations during our shifts and trying to get a feel of how things are run and where everything is located.

I got to watch a workup and an adjustment while I was there. It was much like the observations we did last trimester, but once this set of observations are done we have to start doing more prep work to prepare for when we clear for the clinic in exactly one month from tomorrow!

I have another shift after class at the same time. Which means Wednesday and Thursdays will be my clinic shift time for the rest of the trimester so no matter what, I will be in the clinic taking care of patients, doing paperwork or just hanging out.

Today for clinical methods class we’re also in the clinic to start on our reciprocal work. That is going through a full evaluation and work-up on another student in our class just as we would do in the clinic all the way through the adjustment.

Things are moving along quickly, and I can’t believe I’ll be taking care of patients in less than a month. Months go really quickly here at Palmer because we’re always so busy! It’s been a long time coming, but  it looks like I will be seeing a lot of the clinic for the next year and I can’t complain.  🙂


Summer is almost here!

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Last weekend was the final weekend for my soft tissue elective. We focused on learning Graston soft tissue technique. It’s working the soft tissue with the help of an instrument. There are six really cool instruments you use to work the soft tissue around the area looking for adhesions or tight muscles and working those things out.

It was a really great seminar, and we had a lot of fun. I’m excited to have that asset under my belt, and I’m really excited to be able to start doing it in the clinic. Eventually, I’m going to invest in a set of my own tools. Sunday after class I took a small break and went to my friend’s pool and got a lovely sunburn, so the last couple of days have been a little rough.

Today I took my last practical of the trimester! This means I’m one step closer to finals and summer! This summer, along with doing a few days of job shadowing in an office, I am heading to Florida to see the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I am ready for a vacation, some rest and relaxation before starting clinic and being extremely busy! I will also be scrambling to get stuff done for my wedding, including dress shopping! So maybe I won’t be doing a lot of relaxing.  The rest of the week consists of studying.

Thursday is our study day, so no classes just lots and lots of studying. Friday kicks off finals, which also means goody bags and treats! The best part of finals!


It’s official … I have my clinic jacket now!

Clinic jacket

Clinic jacket couture. And, no, my hair doesn’t blow in the breeze like this model when I put mine on.

It’s all becoming so official! We got our clinic badges last week, and I picked up my clinic jacket in the Bookstore. We now have the option to wear a clinic jacket with our dress clothes or a clinic polo and dress pants. I like the idea of having the clinic jacket. Makes me feel more official.

So today I am going to go do my first observation in the clinic. We have to have three completed by the end of the month to be able to go on next trimester. I was going to wait until my staff doctor was back from vacation before I started to do them, but I figured why not just do it this week. He might actually be back in clinic, I have no idea. I shall find out today.

I am excited to be in the clinic as the intern and not just the patient! It’s also kind of terrifying. I feel like there’s no way it’s already time for me to be in clinic! And then I’m like, “Oh, I still have four trimesters left.” Then I realize how quickly the last six triemsters have went by, and then I start to panic.

So when you’re in first and second trimester feeling like you’re never going to get out and you are going to be buried by your tests and textbooks, remember that this moment does come very quickly. So quickly you’ll panic when  you realize it’s already that time! As terrifying as it is, it is also extremely exciting. All this time I’ve put in, all the studying I’ve done, and all the tests and practicals have finally paid off to prepare me for this next trimester that I never thought would come.

Our schedules for next trimester have been posted also. We still have a full course load but will have to be in the clinic after class hours seeing patients. It sounds like a lot right now, but I don’t know that it will be as bad as it sounds because the clinic is where we all want to be.So it may be long days, but we will be spending those long days learning in the environment we’re all working towards.

I am excited to get started and start changing lives.