BaconPalooza … and studying for boards

Burlington BaconPalooza

News clipping featuring my bacon-eating friend, Dave.

Last weekend was the first weekend I was able to get away from school for a little bit in about a month, so I went back home to spend some time with family.

We had a very belated birthday party for me and my soon-to-be sister-in-law. It was nice to be able to have a a family get-together after such a busy month of school and clinic preparations.

Saturday a couple friends from school drove down to Burlington to join me at the first ever Burlington BaconPalooza for all things bacon-related. We had bacon mac and cheese, bacon poppers, bacon cookies, bacon tater tots, flavored bacon, bacon popcorn and bacon-wrapped meat. The best part was when my friend, Dave Connick (6th trimester), entered the bacon-eating contest. He was challenged to eat pounds of bacon in five minutes. Without any doubt he, of course, won. He took home the trophy and a bag of bacon-flavored popcorn that was the size of me.

Is this bacon heaven? No, it's Iowa.

Is this bacon heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

It was a lot of fun and nice for me because it took place in my hometown, but it was also not too far away so my friends from Davenport could come down and enjoy the festivities.

Saturday night was just as exciting. I had a family get-together will all of my family members that I don’t get to see very often, plus a cousin I had never met before. I left after the get-together to get back to Davenport so I could get in some quality boards studying on Sunday.

That’s exactly what I did all day. Granted, I didn’t wake up until after 1 p.m., but from then on, I studied most of the day. Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve been doing with my free time this week. Can’t study too much for boards, that’s for sure.


Homecoming’s over … time to study!

Homecoming has come to an end. It was an extremely fun week with so much to do. It wasn’t until Friday that I noticed the “take a selfie here” signs, and I was going to try and find them all to take pictures with, but I ran out of time and was only able to get three of them.

Yesterday morning the sisters of Sigma Phi Chi gathered for their annual Dr. Esther Mork Hat & Tea party. This year’s theme was sorority safari. We all dressed in sundresses and big hats and had lunch. We had some alumni come back and talk with us about what they’ve been doing and what they plan on doing in years to come. Afterwords I went and had second lunch in the expo,! I didn’t want to miss out on the all the food!

After all the lectures and activities, everyone gathered for a festival outside the Academic Health Center. There was food, dinner, dancing and a live band. The food was delicious, and there was a tent just for dessert. There were fancy cupcakes, which I didn’t end up trying but everyone said they were delicious. I could only identify the peanut butter cup one. There was also bananas foster ice cream sundaes. I definitely had to try one of those, and I wasn’t disappointed. The decorations were very nice, and it looked like everyone was having a really good time. The band was great, they played a whole variety of music with a lot of great songs. We danced a lot, there were even a couple dance circles. We also had fireworks to finish off the night. Afterwords, we headed over to the DDPi (Delta Delta Pi) house to continue the festivities and hangout with friends.

Sunday morning started the first day of NBS board review, so after a fairly late night and a very busy week I was in class from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. This also means for the next week I will be in class from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. most days of the week. I also have to start getting paperwork started for the clinic, and then we get cleared to start taking over patients. It will be a very busy week.