Guest post: Dave Adamson–student, powerlifter, dad

Palmer student Dave Adamson on KWQC-TV

For some people it’s hard just to carry a full load of classes. Add three kids and up to 800 pounds of weights, and you get Davenport Campus student Dave Adamson.

Dave was recently featured on KWQC-TV News and was interviewed about his experience as a champion powerlifter and how he balances that with earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer and family life.

Watch the video to learn more about Dave’s training regimen, how he’s been powerlifting for 28 years, and what his most prized medal really is.

Guest post: Why I get passionate about Chiropractic

(Guest post by current student Mike Lynch)

This is why I get so passionate about Chiropractic.

I’ve had the opportunity to shadow many docs and screen a lot, and it’s truly a life changing experience because it has made me more convicted in what we do as Chiropractors. I definitely know many students do, but I’m not sure if quite everyone realizes the truth that we know can literally save and change lives. If you don’t believe me, I’ll take you screening with me and you’ll see exactly how sick people are and how desperate most of them are for a change.

Your 2 hands, your 2 Pisiforms will change more freaking lives than any pill, potion or lotion will ever have the ability to do. Stop watering it down and speak life and truth into people. People are looking for what we know because they not only need to hear it, they deserve to hear it. Stop playing small and be anchored in The Principle … people will never anchor to an unanchored mind.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a HUGE vision, he had a dream and he was anchored in his beliefs. People didn’t follow him for him, they followed him for his vision and dream. He didn’t have an “I have a plan” speech, he had an “I have a dream” speech. People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it … they may not even buy YOU, but they’ll buy your vision.

We are the one of the sickest countries in the world, but we spend the most on “health care” and have the “best” medical technologies that are available. We are 5% of the world’s population and use over 50% of prescribed drugs … yes, drugs. Drugs are now the #1 accidental killer in the United States with a majority being properly prescribed drugs. Our system kills more people per week than 4 jumbo jets crashing, and you never hear about it.

I’ve read some things about how some D.C.s want to expand our scope of practice, and I’ve read others who are just money hungry. I know I haven’t been in the trenches yet seeing people every single day, but I know for sure that the amount of money you make is directly proportional to the number of lives you change/save. Therefore, find your purpose, get out there and tell the truth and find people. You are doing this amazing profession a disservice if you’re in it for the money. If you want job security, go be a barber or a cabby because everyone needs a haircut and everyone needs a ride. However, those things don’t matter. What we do as Chiropractors matters.

Does everyone need a Chiropractor? Heck yes they do, but not if they are going to be a drug pusher. These people in our communities need to be taught how amazing their own bodies are and how to change and improve their lifestyles instead of giving them a drug. Our bodies heal from Above Down Inside Out. There is no other way. Your body needs no help, just no interference. Get adjusted, eat right, work out, minimize your toxins and watch your health improve without the use of drugs. You are no good to God, your family, your friends, etc., if you’re sick or dead.

It’s not about your tests and grades, it’s about becoming the doctor that people respect and admire and can lead them to the truth. Good is the enemy of great. Quit thinking things are too hard and start preparing yourself to handle everyone else’s problems on top of your own. You are the one! People need you at your best. You are not a student, you are a world changer in the making. Quit thinking that you need to shrink so others can be seen.

Be bold so others have greatness to pattern. Become the doctor that can lead others, and the others will come running to you. You are a champion, a warrior, a hero! The world needs you. They are dying for the truth (quite literally). Now is the time to lead. Quit thinking like a student and start thinking like the doctor who’s going to save the world!

– Mike Lynch, 7th tri student, Davenport Campus