Campus visit memories

Saturday Campus Visits include the very cool interactive classrooms.

Saturday Campus Visits include the very cool interactive classrooms.

I was on campus this weekend and was able to see the Saturday Campus Visit (we have about three big ones a year) set up and watch clusters of potential students roaming the halls, and it  brought me back to my campus visit.

I did a Saturday Campus Visit in March and came with my mom. We were both more than impressed with how nice everyone was and how enthusiastic the doctors that spoke to us were. I thought it was super cool that we got to go into the CNS lab and they actually had specimens out for us to look at and even touch if we wanted to. After visiting the interactive classrooms, we ate a really good lunch, I can’t remember what it was exactly but I do remember it being delicious (the cafeteria has a lot of really good food, but that’s for another day).

I had then set up a meeting with my Admissions representative to figure out when I could actually start the program and what classes I still needed to take. We found out I was able to start a few months before I had originally expected, which was really exciting but also really scary at the same time. My Admissions rep was super nice and had been talking to me for, like, two years prior to my visit to answer my questions and help me decide what I needed to do to get started. She was extremely helpful from the first time I contacted her in high school.

We ran out of time and weren’t able to do the campus tour, Mansion tour or bus tour, which I really wish we would have done. So if you are looking into doing a campus visit, make sure you make time for those things. They are definitely worth it. The Palmer Mansion tour especially.

Saturday night they were having hors d’ouvres and a get-together meet and greet to just talk with more people from campus, answer questions and talk with other potential students. By the time we had gotten back to the hotel after just the campus visit we were so tired, we layed down for a nap and missed the Saturday night get-together!

We had a really good time though, and the minute I stepped onto campus, I knew it was where I was suppose to be and am so happy with my choice.


Improve your vision with a board

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Some friends and I got together to create vision boards. If you haven’t heard of a vision board, it’s a poster board where you put pictures, drawing or words of things you hope to accomplish within the next few years. You can do incriments of years, starting within the next year, then five years and 10 years. It gives you a grounding to envision what you want out of your life and where you want to be. It helps put into perspective why you are here and what you are working towards. With a visual of the things you want to accomplish, it makes it easier to acccomplish those things. A lot of people believe there are things they wouldn’t have been able to do had it not been on their vision board, reminding them to keep working hard to achieve their goal.

So what I’m telling you is to make one! Make one now and have it set to what you would like to accomplish while you’re here and for once you get out of here. My vision board has mostly pictures of places I want to visit, animals I would like to see or hug, animals I would like to own, things I want to bring to my practice and words I want to live by. I, of course, have a graduation cap and wedding stuff on there, too, for my short-term vision.

I have mentioned a couple times before that you’ll need reminding while you’re here of what you are working towards and why you are working so hard. A vision board is the perfect reminder of that and to help you keep your eye on the prize.




New kid in town

(originally posts on Palmer’s Student Blog 12/28/12)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is William Fleetwood, and I will be new to the (Davenport) area as of February and will be attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in March. I’ve been asked to document my journey while attending Palmer and even into the future as a practicing physician. By doing, this I plan to give a different prospective through my point of view and sharing it with others (such as you all).

I’ve spent the last year shadowing a Davenport Campus alumnus here in Florida, and gaining much insight and knowledge into what it takes to run a practice. I’m 44 days from my move to Iowa now, and I’m equally as excited as much as I am nervous about coming North. I’ve never seen snow, so this whole winter thing will be a first for me in its true meaning. I have much to share with you all, so stay tuned for my postings.

Thank you for your time today – PEACE OFF!

– William Fleetwood, future Palmer student