My first set of X-rays

stock X-ray image

Random stock X-ray to avoid HIPPA issues 🙂

Last week, I had a week full of radiology. I got to shoot my first set of X-rays. We did a Palmer upper cervical series and a lumbar series.

It was fun to actually be able to get in and take the films. In class, we do the set-ups a lot, but we aren’t able to take films on an actual patient. It’s easy to shoot an X-ray on a phantom, they don’t move at all!

Our patient kept leaning to one side, so we kept having to reposition him so he would be centered in the film. After we took the films, we had to write a radiology report on them. We had to use the actual films for interpretation because the program we use on the computers wasn’t working that day. Then the next day we had to go to a radiology reading to make sure we didn’t miss anything on the film.

It went really well. Our diagnosis was right, and there wasn’t really anything we missed. We just didn’t word things well on our report. It wasn’t too bad, though. We were lucky our first experience wasn’t traumatic. Sometimes you hear horror stories about radiology review, but there was nothing like that for anyone that was analyzing films while we were there. I think some people must not be prepared when they go in there. Just be prepared, know your patient and do your best. You will come out all right.


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