Flip! I’m going to be in clinic more than classrooms

We went on a clinic tour of the Academic Health Center (better known as the AHC) with our new staff doctors. This gave us an opportunity to meet our staff doctor and ask them a few questions. It’s a little weird already going into Level One clinic. Most days I forget I’m not in first trimester anymore. It’s weird saying I’m going into eight tri when people ask.

The great news is my schedule for next trimester is beautiful. Most days I’m done by noon except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have class until 2:45, which is still way better than 3:40 like the last seven trimesters! On Mondays, I only have one class and it’s a lab! It’s going to be sooo nice not having to be in class all day then go to clinic for four hours after eight hours of sitting in a classroom. This is the trimester where it flips. We’re in clinic more than we’re in class, which is definitely preferred.

So anyway we got a tour of the outpatient clinic and saw where we were going to be spending most of our time. It was really helpful, even though I’m sure when it comes time, I’m still going to have no idea where to find anything. So if you see me running around frantically, I’m probably lost. I usually am.

It was really cool getting a glimpse of what is to come. There is a lot to be excited about within the next year!


One thought on “Flip! I’m going to be in clinic more than classrooms

  1. The time spent in Clinic at Palmer will be the best way to prepare for the real world and I would encourage all students to take full advantage of their time in Clinic Adjusting as many people as you can get your hands on with as many different conditions as possible to get ready for practicing in the ever changing marketplace around the Country. Cherish these times and do more than what the minimum requirements call for so you can be successful out in whatever Comunity you choose to practices in.

    Your Houston Chiropractor,

    Dr. Gregory Johnson

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