It’s official … I have my clinic jacket now!

Clinic jacket

Clinic jacket couture. And, no, my hair doesn’t blow in the breeze like this model when I put mine on.

It’s all becoming so official! We got our clinic badges last week, and I picked up my clinic jacket in the Bookstore. We now have the option to wear a clinic jacket with our dress clothes or a clinic polo and dress pants. I like the idea of having the clinic jacket. Makes me feel more official.

So today I am going to go do my first observation in the clinic. We have to have three completed by the end of the month to be able to go on next trimester. I was going to wait until my staff doctor was back from vacation before I started to do them, but I figured why not just do it this week. He might actually be back in clinic, I have no idea. I shall find out today.

I am excited to be in the clinic as the intern and not just the patient! It’s also kind of terrifying. I feel like there’s no way it’s already time for me to be in clinic! And then I’m like, “Oh, I still have four trimesters left.” Then I realize how quickly the last six triemsters have went by, and then I start to panic.

So when you’re in first and second trimester feeling like you’re never going to get out and you are going to be buried by your tests and textbooks, remember that this moment does come very quickly. So quickly you’ll panic when  you realize it’s already that time! As terrifying as it is, it is also extremely exciting. All this time I’ve put in, all the studying I’ve done, and all the tests and practicals have finally paid off to prepare me for this next trimester that I never thought would come.

Our schedules for next trimester have been posted also. We still have a full course load but will have to be in the clinic after class hours seeing patients. It sounds like a lot right now, but I don’t know that it will be as bad as it sounds because the clinic is where we all want to be.So it may be long days, but we will be spending those long days learning in the environment we’re all working towards.

I am excited to get started and start changing lives.


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