Busy week, more tests

This week is incredibly busy. Three practicals, two quizzes and three tests. We were fortunate enough to have two exams moved to next week, so we didn’t have five this week. We will get through it; we’ve done this before … we just usually end up collapsing on Friday. I’m also going to try and get a couple observations in this week among studying.

National Board scores also came out this week. I didn’t take them this time around. I’ll take them in September, but I have quite a few friends that had to take them this trimester. I’m rooting for them. I’m sure they all did awesome! But it just puts things into perspective that I’m going to have to start studying for Part II real soon.

Potentially the best case scenario is that I will make myself start gradually over the next June break, but I said I was going to do that for Part I and it didn’t happen. Sadly, you never feel prepared enough for the National Board exams.

A nice end to the week will be Board Game Club. We’re playing a Game of Thrones game that is pretty intense and potentially going to take us 4-6 hours to play. We haven’t played this one yet. We had to set up a special event to get together to get this one played because it takes so long.

I had to miss the softball game last weekend, since I had a wedding to go to. I heard our team didn’t win, but they played a good game. I’ll be there for the next game on Saturday, though! We’re gonna make a come back, I feel it. It’s nice that it’s getting warmer. There’s going to be a lot more going on in the Quad Cities, and the weekends will get a lot busier to match up with our busy weeks. We’re about a month from finals already–seems crazy. Times goes way too fast here. We’ve learned to manage time by the number of exams we have in a week rather than days.

Well, it’s time to get started!


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