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“The Keep Smiling Cards have come to be the distinctive emblem of the Chiropractic profession. There is scarcely a chiropractor who does not use these cards in some form…These cards are printed in the Chiropractic colors of purple and white and have a very striking appearance.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           — Palmer School’s General Catalog of Chiropractors’ Supplies, 1922



The Keep Smiling cards were and still are an important emblem of the profession. They were especially popular during the time chiropractors were jailed for practicing Chiropractic. While the profession was challenged, this positive message resonated with Chiropractors and gave them strength to carry on, whilst also demonstrating to their captors and the public that their spirit will not be broken and that they will “Keep Smiling.”































These Keep Smiling Cards came in many forms; they were used primarily as business cards, sometimes in the form of bookmarks. There were Christmas themed ones, some varied in color from the standard purple and white, others in blue, black or green.  “The Schoolboy” version was a card cutout that depicted a barefoot schoolboy holding a Keep Smiling sign with his cat to the left. This “Huck Finn” type character was used to appeal to school children and was used to promote the chiropractic profession to families.




The Keep Smiling cards along with other important merchandise were created in the P.S.C. Printery, which was a key component to promoting the Chiropractic profession to a wider audience through the production of publications and advertisements. It had the latest machinery and a full staff of typographers, pressmen, artists and layout men.



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